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Unit A Excel Vocabul

Excel Unit A

Worksheet A single sheet within a workbook file; also, the entire area within an electronic spreadsheet that contains a grid of columns and rows.
Workbook A collection of related worksheets contained within a single file.
Templates A formatted document or sample file that contains placeholder text you can replace with your own text.
Name Box Box to the left of the formula bar that shows the cell reference or name of the active cell.
Formula Bar The area above the worksheet grid where you enter or edit data in the active cell.
Cell The intersection of a column and row in a worksheet, datasheet, or table.
Cell Address The location of a cell, expressed by a cell coordinates.
Cell Pointer The dark rectangle that outlines the active cell.
Active Cell A selected cell in a Excel worksheet.
Sheet Tab Identify the sheets in a workbook and let you switch between sheets.
Status Bar A horizontal bar at the bottom of a program window that displays simple helpful information and tips.
Mode Indicator The mode indicator in the lower-left corner of the status bar provides additional information about certain tasks.
Range You select the range when you want to formatting them.
Formulas An equation in a worksheet.
Labels Are entries containing text and numerical information not for calculations.
Values Are numbers, formulas, and functions it can be used for a calculation.
Function Is a built in formula.
Arguments The information calculate an late answer.
Formula Prefix Followed by cell addresses range names, values, and calculation operators.
Calculation Operators Indicate what type of calculation you want to perform on the cells, range or values.
Comparison Operators Compare values for the purpose of true or false.
Reference Operators Enable you to use ranges in calculations.
Enter Button The result of the formula =E5+F5, 768, appears in cell G5.
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