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The Watsons... 1963

Chapters 1-6 Vocabulary

Thermostat a device that automatically controls temperature
Delinquent a person whose behavior or conduct is considered offensive
Forecast an estimate or prediction of weather conditions
Landlord the owner of land or houses that is rented to another
Juvenile children or young people
Staggered unsteady -as if about to fall
Flunked to fail
Weep to cry
Passages paragraphs or portions of written work
Hostile unfriendly
Vital important
Numerous large amount – great numbers
Regard to pay attention to or consider
Miraculous a miracle
Incapable not able to do something
Emulate to try to be like – to copy
Bravo hooray
Punctual on time
Reinforcement back up support or replacements
Radioactive causing radiation
Drowsy tired
Windbreaker jacket made of material that can resist the wind
Skimpy little – not strong – weak
Welfare aid in the form of money or necessities for people in need
Peon a person who does hard or dull work
Nonsense foolish or meaningless words or actions
Register an automatic device registering a number or a quantity
Udders a large bag-shaped organ (as of a cow) that produces milk
Jive slang term for foolish
Conscience knowledge of right and wrong- a feeling one should do what is right
Created by: jegusewelle