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Chapter 1

OCA - Chapter 1 - Java Building Blocks

How to specify hexadecimal numbers? int x = 0x10; //16 int y = 0X11;//17
How to specify octal numbers? int x = 010; //8
How to specify binary numbers? int x = 0b10; //2 int y = 0B11;//3
How do you assign a non-integer literal to a long variable? long l = 313456789L you need to append a "L" to the number
How many public classes per java file? zero or one. If present, it has to match the filename.
Is method return type part of its signature? No. A method signature is made of its name and the type, number and order of parameters.
true or false: intializer blocks are executed before the constructor. true.
"Public" is a valid identifier? true. Java is case sensitive. "public" is not valid because it's a keyword, but it's okay to use the same word with the "p" in uppercase.
Let's say you have ClassA in packagea and ClassB in packagea. Do you need any import statement to refer to ClassA inside ClassB? No, JRE automatically search for classes in the same package.
What is the CLASSPATH variable? CLASSPATH is an environment variable needed for the Java compiler and runtime to locate the Java packages used in a Java program. This is similar to another environment variable PATH, which is used by the CMD shell to find the executable programs.
Created by: phil91