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The Consumer

what is the difference between a consumer and a trader a consumer purchases something for personal use. A trader purchases something with the intention of reselling
name four basic points a consumer should consider before purchasing a product can I afford it; do I need it; is it found elsewhere, is it value for money
brand name a unique name given to a product to distinguish it from other products
state the 3 essential elements for a valid contract an offer is made by a consumer. The seller accepts it. It is then handed over
a consumer picks something up in a shop with a €20 price on it. The seller tells the person that it is the wrong price and that he will not sell it for that price. Who is right. the seller because the consumer made there offer and the seller did not accept it
what are implied conditions conditions that are not written into a contract but is legally part of the conract
what are the 3Rs of consumer rights refund, repair, replace
what are that steps a customer should take when they have a complaint about a product bring it back to the shop; write a letter to the shop owner; bring it to the National Consumer agency; bring it to the small claims court
what is misleading advertising advertising that does not tell you everything about the product
who are the ITAA The Irish Travel Agents Association
Who are the SIMI the Society of Irish Motor Industry
Created by: mcraig2020