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french 123

What were the Philosophes A group of thinkers who thought that you could use reason for every part of your life.
Drscribe the Philophers belief? Reason nature happyness progress and libertiy
Why was voltairre Important Because he was a writer and used his pen a wepon in a thinkers war aginsant humanity worst enemies prejusist, supersistuition and intolerance
What did Jean Jacques Rousseau belive he wrote the socal contract liberity wasa everybodies natural birth right many are oppressed, Man is corrupcted by society
What was Montesquieu theory of separation of powers? Power was ba;anced among three groups of officials the execuitve Legasltive and Judicial
Why was adam smith so important? Describe his thories he came up of the idea of free ecnomy (lazy fair) he wrote the wealth of nations
Self intrest people work for their good
Competition to stay in buiness people are forced to make a better product
Supply and demand There is more than what you need market ecnomy
Invisible hand Adam Smith saw the market as an insvible hand that guided the production of gppds and servaces
What was the theory of mercantilism incorging exports and incouring inports
Ballence of trade Add what your exports and subtrack inports and if you sell more you get + in your inports -
Social unrest
American example
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