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Semester 1 Final for Introduction to Business

alignment refers to the position of text between the margins
aspect ratio the relationship of an object's height to its width
budget is a plan for using your income in a way that best meets your wants and needs
budget variance the difference between the budgeted amount and the actual amount that you spend
bullet any small character that appears before an item
callout a textbox with an attached line pointing to something in the drawing
center one of the positions you can align your text is to center the text
chart visual representations of data; other than diagram
clip art graphics that are already drawn or photographed and available for use in documents
crop cut off
deductions amounts that are taken out of your pay before you reticence your paycheck
deficit occurs when more money is sent than is earned or recieved
diagram visual representations of data; other than chart
expense is an amount of money used to buy or do something
first-line indent when the first line of your paragraph is indented
fixed expenses are expenses that occur regularly and are regularly paid
floating object an object that acts as if it is sitting on a separate layer on the page
goals are the things you want to accomplish
graphic pictures that help illustrate the meaning of the text and make the page more attractive
gross pay is the total amount of money you earned for a specific time
hanging indent the first full line of text is not indented, but the following lines are indented
income is the actual amount of money you earn of reticence during a given period
indent the space between text and a document's margin
inline object an object that id inserted into text and then treated as if it were a character in a line of text
inside margin (gutter margin) the right margin on a left page and the left margin on the right page-the margins closest to the inside of the page near the binding
justify the text aligned at both the right and left margins
keyword word or words that describe the type of clip art you wish to insert
leader solid, dotted, or dashed lines that fill the blank space before a tab setting
left-align you can align your text to the left margin
margin blank areas around the top, bottom, and sides of a page
mirrored margins books and magazines are often formatted with mirrored margins, where instead of left and right margins, the page has inside and outside margins
money management is the method of planning to get the most from one's money
multilevel list a list with two or more levels of bullets or numbering
negative indent (outdent) you can create a negative indent, sometimes called an outdent, by dragging the indent markers on the ruler past the left margin
net pay is your gross pay minus deductions
object anything that can be manipulated as a whole
opportunity cost sometimes called a tradeoff, is what you giving when you make one choice instead of another
outline numbered list a numbered multilevel list
outside margin the left margin on the left page and the right margin on the right page
personal financial planning means spending, saving, and investing your money so you can enjoy the king life you want, along with financial security
pull quote text copied from the document and set of in a text box
right-align you can align your text to the right margin
rotation handle the green circle on the selection rectangle that you drag to rotate an object
selection rectangle the box that appears when an item is selected
sidebar text that does not appear in a document but adds extra information for the reader and is set off in a text box
sizing handle the square or circle on the selection rectangle that you drag to resize an object
SmartArt Predesigned drawings that allow you to quickly insert diagrams and charts
surplus extra money that can be spent or saved, depending on a person's goals and values
tab stop (tab) marks the place where the insertion point will stop when you press the Tab key
text box a shape specifically designed to hold text
variable expenses expenses that change and can be controlled more easily than fixed expenses
vertical alignment positioning text between the top and bottom margins of a document
WordArt stylized text that is treated like an object
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