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Circulatory system

Circulatory system Pumps nutrients and other essential materials to the cells and removes waste products from the cells through a system of vessels
Septum A partition separating the two chambers of the heart
Right Atrium Receives unoxygenated blood from the veins
Left Atrium Receives oxygenated blood from lungs and pumps it to the lungs through pulmonary artery
Left ventricle Pumps blood into the Aorta which delivers blood through the body
Right ventricle Receives blood from the right Atrium and pumped it to the lungs through pulmonary artery
Valve Allows blood to flow in only One Direction
diastole The phase of the heartbeat when the heart muscle relaxes and allows the chambers to fill with blood
systole The phase of the heartbeat when the heart muscle contracts and pumps blood from the chambers into the arteries
Artery Carries oxygenated blood from the lower chambers of the heart (ventricles) to all parts of the body
Capillary Any of the fine branching of blood vessels that form a network between the arterioles and venulses
Vein Carries unoxygenated blood from all different parts of the body and returns it to the heart
Blood The red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins caring oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from tissues
Plasma The component of blood that normally hold the blood cells and a whole blood and suspension
Erythrocytes Contains a pigment of hemoglobin which imparts the red color to blood and transports oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from tissue
Hemoglobin A red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood
Leukocytes (White blood cells) Circulates in the blood and body fluids and is involved in countereacting foreign substances and disease
Thrombocytes Found in large numbers in blood and involved in clotting
Arterioles are no thicker than human hair and carries blood away from arteries into the capillaries
venules Carries blood back to the veins after exchanges have occurred in the capillaries
aorta Largest artery in body
Capillaries pt2 Are single layer of cells that are responsible for exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen
Pulmonary veins sends oxygenated blood back to the heart from lungs Part of pulmonary circulation
Arteries small vessels are called Arterioles
Arteries blood pressure High
Arteries wall structure Large thick walled vessels
Arteries Special feature Elasticity
arteries example Aorta
Veins small vessels are called venules
Veins blood pressure Low blood pressure
Veins wall structure Thinner wall structure
Veins special feature One way valves
Vein example Vena Corta
in what direction do capillaries carry blood into capillary bed
Capillaries blood pressure Medium blood pressure
Capillaries wall structure thin walled
Capillaries special feature gas exchange
example of a capillary lymphatic capillary
Blood transports oxygen and nutrients heat transports waste to be cleared out
4 components of blood Plasma Erythrocytes Leukocytes Platelets
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