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IACH Urinalysis


What does specific gravity measure? The number of particles dissolved in a solution.
What is orthostatic proteinuria? Protein in the urine that is associated with normal activities rather than disease.
What is the average, normal daily urine output for an adult? 1500 mL
What is anuria? The cessation of urine output (no urine output).
What glycoprotein forms the major constituent of hyaline casts? Tamm-Horsfall protein
What reaction detects the presence of bilirubin? The diazo reaction
Does diabetes mellitus increase or decrease the urine output? Diabetes mellitus increases urine output.
What is the most commonly seen type of cast, and is this cast pathogenic or nonpathogenic? Hyaline casts
What pigment gives urine its normal yellow color? Urochrome
What is the functional unit of the kidney? Nephron
What genetic condition causes an accumulation of homogentisic acid in blood and urine? Alkaptonuria
What is the medication prescribed for urinary tract infections which results in an intensely orange color in urine? Pyridium
What compound causes urine to darken upon standing, and indicates malignant melanoma? Melanin
What urine analyte reacts with tetrabromphenol blue on the reagent test strip? Protein
What is the term for increased urine production at night? Nocturia
What urine analyte reacts with nitroprusside on the reagent test strip? Ketones
What is the term for increased daily urine output? Polyuria
What is the confirmatory test for presence of bilirubin? Icotest
What is the commercially available copper reduction test which uses Benedict's reagent to test for reducing sugars? Clinitest
What test is used to assess renal damage in the early stages of diabetes? Microalbumin
What genetic condition gives urine a mousy odor? PKU
What hemoglobin-like protein is found in muscle tissue which gives urine a clear red color? Myoglobin
What kidney condition may occur secondary to a Group A streptococcus respiratory infection? Glomerulonephritis
What urine analyte reacts with diazonium salts on the reagent test strip? Bilirubin
What is an infection of the renal tubules and kidneys called? Pyelonephritis
What is the term for cessation of urine output? Anuria
What microscopic elements formed by precipitation of salts, organic compounds, or medications might be seen in urine? Crystals
What is the term for decreased daily urine output/ Oligouria
In the kidney, substances from the blood are filtered by the: Glomeruli
What is the term for increased daily urine output? Oliguria
Pyuria describes a urine with a: Large amount of white blood cells
The test for acetone is the: Acetest
Bence-Jones protein is a pseudoprotein found in: Multiple myeloma
Protein that coagulates and assumes the shape of the tubule is called a: Cast
What is a semiqualitative test for proteinuria? The sulfosalicylic acid test
What is the normal specific gravity of a 24 hour urine specimen? 1.015 – 1.025
Porphyrins can be detected using: Ultraviolet light
In a healthy person, protein in the urine may be caused by: Strenuous exercise
A blackish brown color in urine may be caused by: Melanin from malignant melanoma
Turbidity in an acidic urine may be caused by: Urates
What would be a cause of low specific gravity? Diabetes insipidus
What would be a pathological cause for protein in the urine? pre-eclampsia
Created by: rebeccataylor
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