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Art Descriptions

no doors, 5¢ Philly cigars, three people sitting Nighthawks - Edward Hopper
sea shell rising out of ocean, birds in sky, woman with cloak Birth of Venus - Botticelli
ants on stop watch, bleak landscape, melting clocks Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali
church steeple, village at dark, Cyprus tree Starry Night - Van Gogh
second French Revolution, boy with two pistols, man with musket, bodies strewn in front Liberty Leading the People - Delacroix
shady nun in back, attendants, self portrait in back, dog in foreground Las Meninas - Velasquez
pointilism, boat in water Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte - Seurat
depictions of Greek and roman important people, other famous painters as faces School of Athens - Raphael
guys dentist, pitchfork, person in window background, American Gothic - Grant Wood
floating lady, goat, fiddler upside down, tree, green face, milking a cow I and the Village - Chagall
children running, red schoolhouse in background, church steeple in background, one boy on the ground Crack the Whip - Homer
limp hand resembling god, letter in hand, quill, charlotte Corday, French Revolution Death of Marat - David
man pointing finger up at sky, hallway to left, oil lamp, people sitting on bench, scroll on floor The Death of Socrates - David
triptic, people engaging in weird pleasure and paying for it later, third slide is hell The Garden of Earthly Delights - Bosch
can't stand up on boat, Delaware, ray of lights in background, ice chocked river, three horses on boat, Trenton, heschens Washington Crossing the Delaware - Leutze
guy getting eaten by shark, black man in boat, trying to fetch him out of water, boy falls in harbour 14 years old, loses his arm Watson and the Shark - Copley
people on raft, mast of ship coming down, bunch of people dead/falling over, man with red banner The Raft of Medusa - Gericault
1890s Edwardian period, yellow boat, square moon in background The Boating Party - Cassatt
abstract, practice bombing HITLER, lightbulb, horse, man holding candle, woman with dead child, Guernica - Picasso
sitting on one side of table, three windows in back, feet under table exposed, bread on table, man in centre wearing red The Last Supper - Da Vinci
orange skies, boat, three people approaching The Scream - Edvard Munk
Created by: SadieMalkin