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LIC4 A General terms

alliteration repetition of two or more consonant sounds in successive words in a line or verse or prose (Cool Cats)
assonance repetition of 2+ vowel sounds in successive words that create a kind of rhyme. can be used to focus attention. to make more memorable
connotation association or additional meaning to a word
denotation literal (dictionary) meaning of the word
epic long narrative poem elevated style legendary mythical hero ((odyssey)
Epiphany a moment of insight, discovery, or revelation in which a character's life is greatly altered by the end of the story.
Genre combination of literary form and subject matter, usually aimed at creating certain effect
Lyric written in the 1st person, song like and emotional, short poem
monologue extended speech by a single character
motivation what a character want, reason author provides for character's action
motif an element that recurs significantly through a narrative. Can be an image, idea, theme, situation, or action.
Narrative tells a story. Ballads and epic poems
onomatopoeia attempts to represent a thing or action ( crash, bang, pitter-patter)
Persona (Latin: mask) Fictitious character created by an author to be the speaker of a poem, story , or novel. always the narrator of the work and not merely a character in it.
setting includes the time, location, circumstances, and characters, everything in which a story takes place, and provides the main backdrop and Mood (psychology) for a story or stories.
subgenres a lesser or subordinate genre: a subgenre of popular fiction.
Novel A book length variable
fiction not bound by factual accuracy
non-fiction genre in which actual events are presented as a novel length story, using techniques of fiction.
apprenticeship novel (german; bildungsroman; novel of growth and development) youth who struggles toward maturity forming a philosophy of life.
epic novel
epistolary novel story is told by letters written by 1+ characters. Gives sense of authenticity/discovery
Picaresque Novel represents the life of a likable scoundral at odds with respectable society. loose plot and chronologic order (adventure)
Novella between short story and novel
subplot A secondary story or plot line that is interesting on its own
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