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Perfluoropropane and sulfur hexafluroide are used to keep pressure on retina
which pharmacologic agent constricts pupils acetylcholine
trephine is used in which pricedure keratoplasty
the normal condition of the lens of the eye is transparent and biconvex
name for traction sutures used to manipulate the globe bridle
replacement device for cataract lens IOL
lacrimal gland is located upper lid, outer angle of orbid
where do lacrimal ducts drain tears nasal cavity
procedure with internal malfunction or loss of contents with no recovery of site gives best cosmetic evisceration
which procedure treats glaucoma iridectomy
name for cystic structure caused by inflammatory response to material strapped n meibomian gland chalazion
an inward turning of the eyelid with corneal irritation entropian
instrument to remove cataract lens for lens placement phacoemulsification hand piece
name of locking and unlocking needle holders castroviejo
misalignment or deviation from coordinated movement of the eye is strabismus
right eye of a patient and assigning clock positions 12,3,6,9 to rectus eye muscle which is correct 12 superior, 3 medial, 6 inferior, 9 lateral
which is the term for cross eyed estropia
how many tunics comprise the globe three
which 2 structures form the outer tunic of the eye cornea and sclera
all are methods of intraocular lens insertion except fan folded
how would detached retina be obtained if hemorrhage is in the eye surgical vitrectomy
name of gelatin like fluid that fills the post cavity of the eye vitreous humor
which surgical procedure would an ocutome be used vitrectomy
condition of the lens that is treated by cataract extraction opacified
which procedure would sutures not be necessary extracapsular cataract extraction
name of the opening in outer tunic for vitreous sclerotomy
tetracaine drops are used to numb surface of the eye
which techniques uses a laser to treat retinal tears or proliferative diabetic retinopathy endophotocoagulation
which procedure may be done in conjunction with vitectomy if surgeon is unable to gain visualization of the posterior cavity lensectomy
term for 6 muscles that provide movement of the eye extrinsic
what structure is a vascular, external and function is to refract light rays cornea
cryotherapy uses which to seal retinal tears and holes cold
which procedure involves adjusting sutures after the patient has recovered within 24 hours recession/restriction
what is the name of the narrow, double angle retractor frequently used in oral procedures mouth prop
which countable sponge is used in oral procedures to prevent bone or tooth fragments and other forge in matter from becoming lodged in the pharynx throat pack
coral would be classified as what type of graft material xenograft
all of the following are configurations of fixation plates for maxillofacial fracture reduction except W
strands of wire used to attach arch bars to the upper and lower jaw should be pre stretched and cut to which length 10 mm
which of the following statements regarding arch bars is correct they are thin, malleable bars with hooks facing up for maxilla and down for mandible
which sequence of steps for plate fixation is correct place plate, drill one hole at a time measure with depth gauge, tap, insert, screw, and repeat steps for remaining holes
tapping of the bone is done in fixation procedure to reduce: torque pressure on screws
how many craniofacial bones make up the orbit? seven
irrigation and what other item is used anytime dental drill is used during odontectomy suction
which diameter fixation screw would most likely be used for a fracture of the mandible 4.0 mm
care must be taken when pre auricular and submandibular incisions are made to protect which cranial nerve seven
which of the following must accompany the patient to the PACU who has undergone maxillomandibular fixation wire cutters
which of the following is the most common type of mid facial fracture and is also known as transmaxillary fracture le fort
what should the surgical technologist do before handling a _ to the surgeon for __ orbital floor fracture? moisten it with saline
surgical treatment of which anatomical area might result in a postoperative complication of malocclusion jaw
the hard palate is the roof of the mouth
what orle is the surgical technologist often required to fill during oral and maxillofacial procedures assistant
which hemostatic agent is used during oral and maxxillofacial procedures that requires advising the anesthesiologist provider of its use epinephrine
in which instrument tray would you find a ballenger swivel knife, cottle elevator and takahashi forceps SMR
an otorhinolaryngologist is ENT
what is the name of the structure that separates the outer and middle ear canals from one another tympanic membrane
in mytingotomy procedures what does PE stand for pressure equalizing
what chronically occuring condition is often the reason for placement of myringotomy tubes in both ears otitis media
what is an important step for the surgical technologist to remember to perform when changing burrs on a pneumatic drill pt hand piece on safety
epistaxis is known as an acute nosebleed
what is an alternate name for the boy nasal projections known as turbinates conchae
all of the following are methods of performing a turbinectomy except percutaneous
what is the most common cause of nasal polyps allergic rhinitis
walters, caldwell, lateral and submental are used to establish sinus cavity
which procedure would the surgical tech need to have a spreader and hook for use tracheostomy
a tmj decompression is performed lateral jaw
topical cocaine 4% is used in nasal surgery for anesthesia
antostomy rasps are used in procedures involving which anatomical structures facial sinuses
what is a double action cupped forward angle forcep used to resect portions of the nasal septum jansen middleton
a procedure performed in ICU ER or PACU tracheotomy
how should micro ear instruments be cleaned intraoperative with a micro sponge wipe
baron, frazier and house are suction
davis and mcivor are names of which type of instruments mouth gags
how many degree classifications of skin burns are there 4
split-thickness skin graft are used to cover which type if burned tissue denuded areas of third degree burns
what is the term for the process of removing necrotic tissue or eschar prior to skin grafting debridment
what does a mesh graft device do expands the size of the skin graft
which of the following statements regarding routine prepping for skin graft procedures is correct donor site is prepped first and considered clean
any of the following may be used topically for hemostats for the STSF donor site EXCEPT phenylephrine
relaxtion and hypertrophy of the eyelid skin is also known as dermatochalasis
cheiloplasty and palatoplasty are corrective procedures for which of the following cleft lip and palate
for which would the surgical technologist prepare a tumescent solution liposuction
the pinna, helix, crus, and tragus are all portions of the ear
which type of scissors would most likely be used to trim a full-thickness skin graft FTSG to size tenotomy
which of the following letters represents the incisional configuration most commonly used for scar revision procedures Z
which type of incision is most frequently used to excise excess skin in a blepharoplasty procedure elliptical
in which procedure would the proceures and corrugator muscles be ablated avulsed resected or sparated endoscopic brow lift
which of the following terms is more commonly referred to as a full face lift rhytidectomy
which method of anesthesia is preferred to rhytidectomy procedures MAC (monitored)
a full thickness skin graft may be taken from the inner thigh or labial fold to re create which area areola
crescent, benelli, and benelli lollipop lifts are techniques used during mastopexy
anchor shaped incisions with joining of tissue envelope folds are performed in which procedure mastopexy
which cranial nerve must not be compromised by retractor placement during rhytidectomy seventh
which type of suture would most likely be used during a cleft lip repair fine absorbable
which nerves passes through the carpel tunnel median
what suturing technique would the surgeon use to attach tendons in a toe to thumb transfer procedure figure 8
which of the following terms means surgical fixation of joint, eventually resulting in international bone fusion arthroplasty
wat is the medical term for the congenital deformity commonly called club hand radial dysplasia
a patient scheduled for centralization of radial dysplasia would be about what age 12 months old
which of the following statements describing variations of polydactyly is not correct the digits of the hands and feet may be involved
before closure in augmentation mammoplasty what is done to verify correct size temporary sizers are placed and filled with saline and the table is raised to siting postion to evaluate appearance
why would two separated setps be required for immediate reconstruction following mastectomy to prevent seeding of cancer cells if same instruments are used for both
which sterile device will be used during TRAM flap reconstruction to verify the blood supply of the remains instant doppler probe
which of the following is not a type of liposuction electrosurgery
which muscles are tightened in an abdominoplasty procedure rectus abdominis
under which muscle is the pocket for breast implant often crated for greater support pectoralis major
which type of grafted tissue would have skin sensation preserved full thickness
which type of specialized retractor enhances visualization in many breast and abdominoplasty procedures fiber optic
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