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AW; T4; Ch 29-30

Advanced Word; Test 4; Chapters 29-30

What are the 2 steps in creating a form? Insert fields where you want data to be typed & then you restrict editing/protect it.
If you assign a password while protecting it, what does that do? The person getting it cannot turn off editing & make changes to it, they can only fill it in.
When filling in a form, press this key to move to the next data field. Tab key
How do you move to the previous data field? Shift + Tab
What kind of control is inserted for a picture? Picture Content Control
What can you do to a Picture Content Control that stops the user from going/editing that field? Click the check box under Properties that says it cannot be deleted/edited.
Insert this type of content control in a form if you want the respondent to choose from a specific list of options. Drop-Down List Content Control
Which content control will let them choose from a specific list of options & add their own? Combo Box Content Control
Your properties are ____ on the field that's inserted. dependent
How is a field identified in a form? a gray shaded box
Insert this type of form field if you want the respondent to choose an option by inserting an X. Check Box Form Field
What is another way you can check a Check Box Form Field besides using your mouse? Spacebar
True or False: You can print only that data on a form. True
True or False: By default, only the data prints on a form. False
By default, Word prints the ____ form. entire
To display a check box in a form with an X automatically inserted in the form field, what do you do? You clicked the Checked option
If you put in data that you want to display by default, can you change it if it's not correct? Yes
You can customize every field by clicking this: Properties button
What two options are available to create data fields within a form? Content Controls & Form Fields
A ____ is a protected document that includes user-defined section into which a respondent enters information. form
A ___ ___ limits response options to ensure the collection of desired data such as drop-down boxes, check boxes, & date pickers. Content Control
A __ ___ has spaces allotted for a respondent to enter specific text. Form Field
__ __ __ removes formatting & inserts a control that take on the format of the text that surrounds it. Plain text control
__ __ __ keeps formatting & inserts a control that allows users to apply formatting to text & type multiple paragraphs of text. Rich text control
Why are tables often used to create forms? Set up frame work, provides spaces to enter data fields, allows for easy alignment & placement of the elements of the form.
What options are available for printing a form? Normal meaner, only the data (not entire form), or the form without the filled-in data.
What options are available for customizing a text form field? Regular text, Number, Date, Current date, Current time, or Calculation.
What happens if you type incorrect formatted text into a text form field? Word displays an error messages & selects the entry, & the insertion point stays in the form field until the correct text is entered.
Click this button to promote a title/heading to level 1. Promote to Heading 1 button
You can promote/demote a heading in Outline view by dragging this symbol, which displays before a heading. Selection symbol
If I just wanted to see the items to include on my outline, what do I do? collapse
A macro name must begin with a letter & can only contain: letters & numbers (no spacing!)
When macro recording is turned on, a macro icon displays on the blue bar at the bottom of your screen -- also known as... the Status bar
When macro recording is turn on, what is on your mouse on your screen? a cassette
You can also add a macro to this toolbar to run a recorded macro. Quick Access toolbar
Insertin this type of field in a macro requires input from the keyboard. Fill-in field
What are the advantages of using Outline view? assign levels to types of text, enter/edit text while working in Outline view, quick rearranging , shows a condensed version of the document, & allows you to remain consistent with formatting.
By default, if not headings are applied in a document, how does text appear in Outline view? Body text
What keyboard shortcut promotes a heading? Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
What keyboard shortcut demotes a heading? Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
____ are time saving tools that automate the formatting of Word documents. Macros
Where are macros stored by default? Normal template
What happens to a keyboard command/toolbar icon if you delete a macro? The keyboard command/toolbar icon does work, and is deleted with the macro.
What happens to a macro if you delete a keyboard command/toolbar icon? The macro still works as long as it is listed in the Macro dialog box.
Why should you be cautions about opening documents containing macros? Macros can contain viruses.
What does Word use to create/edit a macro? Visual Basic
Created by: ibenoit95