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Midterm Review

Scarlet Letter Midterm Review

Pearl is often described as: Elfish, impish child with a wild imagination and one that refuses to follow rules
The first chapter focuses on: The Prison Door
Where does Hester live? In a cottage on the outskirts of town
Who is Roger Chillingworth? He is a "doctor" who is hiding his true identity. He is REALLY Hester Prynne's husband.
Who is the leech? Roger Chillingworth
Who is the "Black Man" Satan
Who is Arthur Dimmesdale? He is a young Reverend/Minister
Who is Pearl's father Dimmesdale
What does Hester promise Roger Chillingworth? She promises to keep Roger's true identity a secret- that he is really her husband.
What does Hester do to make a living? She decorates items with her talented embroidery.
What is the Climax of the novel? Dimmesdale confesses his sin in front of the townspeople.
Who is the novel's protagonist? Hester Prynne
What does the rose symbolize? The rose symbolizes nature, beauty, and Pearl.
What type of character is Mistress Hibbins? She is a flat character that is static and not the focus of the story.
Why does Hester go to Governor Bellingham's mansion? Hester goes to visit him in order to deliver gloves she had embroidered and to discuss the rumors that she had heard about the town elders vying to take Pearl away from her.
Over the span of this novel, what emotion does Hester experience the most? Loneliness...her life is spent mostly in isolation due to the stigma created from her sin
Hester's only companion is? Pearl is all that Hester has.
Dimmesdale holding his hand over his heart throughout the novel is a motif that supports the theme of ______________. Secrets can injure one's soul.
Chillingworth is obsessed with? Tormenting Dimmesdale for the wrong his has done.
This allows the reader to track the development of each character throughout the story's development A Character Arc
What does Chillingworth scream when Dimmesdale confesses his sin on the scaffold? "Thou hast escaped me!"
What did Chillingworth most likely find on Dimmesdale's chest? A letter "A"
What technique did Hawthorne use to start and introduce this story to the reader? In medias res- Is Latin which means to introduce the middle of a narrative; into the midst of things.
As Dimmesdale is holding one of his nightly vigils in order to relieve some of his guilt, a comet streaks across the sky forming this: The comet streaks across the sky projecting the image of the letter "A"
Puritan society could best be described as: a rigid, communal society that intends to purify its faith.
The scaffold is a symbol that represents: Punishment
What is the novel's setting? The Scarlet Letter takes place in the mid 17th century in New England in a Puritan community of Boston, known back then as the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
How old is Pearl when Dimmesdale finally confesses in front of the townspeople? Pearl is 7 years old
As the story progresses, how does Chillingworth's appearance change? He becomes more evil in appearance, almost the image of the Devil himself.
An example of -Man vs society Hester and Dimmesdale are trying to live their lives by finding their place within the community after committing adultery
What inciting incident does this novel begin with? Hester is being punished for committing the sin of adultery
Dimmesdale and the guilt of his sin would be what type of conflict? Man vs Self- Dimmesdales is in agony as he is being consumed by his guilt.
When Pearl asks Hester is she has ever met the "Black Man", Hester replies? "Once in my life I met the Black Man. This scarlet letter is his mark."
An example of - Man vs Man Chillingworth is obsessed with torturing Dimmesdale for wronging him.
An example of Man vs Self Dimmesdales is in agony as he is being consumed by his guilt
What is the definition of plot? The main story line of a novel
What is the definition of a story's exposition? Introduces the characters, describes the setting and establishes the problem in the story.
What is the definition of a story's rising action? The suspense builds and the problem gets worse and becomes more complicated. There are often multiple steps or parts in the rising action.
What is the definition of a story's climax? The turning point in the story. It is usually the most exciting part in the story and the part that makes the reader want to keep reading.
What is the definition of a story's falling action? The events that happen after the climax that lead to a resolution or ending to the story.
What is the definition of a story's denouement or resolution? The outcome of the story. It is how the situation ends up or turns out for the characters.
When Hester reveals the true identity of her husband to Dimmesdale, how does Chillingworth react? He reacts with anger and despair.
Just before Dimmesdale dies, Pearl________. Kisses him
What is the definition of literary theme? the overall lesson or message the author is trying to get across.
Hester Prynne's headstone reads: "On a field, a sable, the letter A gules."
Gules- a heraldic term for the color red.
Pestilence a deadly epidemic or disease
Inauspicious boding ill; unfavorable
Prattle Utter; chatter; to babble
Petulant showing sudden impatience or irritation
Colloquy a dialogue or conversational exchange
Languor physical weakness; lack of energy or spirit
Inextricable incapable of being disentangles; hopelessly intricate
Pathos Pity or compassion
Efficacy effectiveness; producing an effect
Sagacity wisdom; soundness of judgement
Deportment Demeanor; behavior or conduct
Denizen an inhabitant or resident
Audacity boldness or daring without regard to safety
Inimical harmful; hostile; unfriendly
Repugnance strong distaste or aversion; revulsion
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