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Fever1793 Studystack

Fever 1793 book test, stack based on study guide given by teacher.

What is the definition of figurative language? Techniques that create more imagination. Language for comparison, emphasis, or emotional effect to express not really true ideas.
What is the definition of Alliteration? The repetition of the beginning sound in two or more neighboring words, for example: Smart Students Study Seriously.
What is the definition of a Simile? Comparing two things using the words like or as. For example: The metal twisted like a ribbon, or she is as sweet as candy.
What is the definition of a Metaphor? Comparing two things without using the words like or as. For example: her hair is silk, or no one invites Harold to parties because he's a wet blanket.
What is the definition of Onomatopoeia? Using words that name something or an action by the it sounds. For example: Buzz, crash, whirl, clang.
What is the definition of Personification? Giving human traits to objects/or ideas. For example: the chair walked across the floor during the earth quake, or the rain kissed my cheeks.
What is the definition of a Hyperbole? An extreme exaggeration or overstatement that a writer uses for emphasis. For example: I nearly died laughing, or I could sleep forever.
What is the definition of Historical Fiction? When an author writes about a real event, but the characters that he uses to put into the book are fictional and not real.
What are some of the Historical figures in the book Fever 1793? How do they play a role in history? One of the historical figures is yellow fever, and its role in history was huge, because it was the thing that made the capitol, which at the time was Philidelphia,but was getting ready to be moved to washington dc,move to Washington because of the fever.
How did some of the Historical figures in the book Fever 1793 play a role in the book? Yellow fever was a huge historical figure in history, but also in the book because without the yellow fever, the book would not have happened. It caused mother to get sick, send Mattie away, get kicked out of the wagon, and have intruders in the house.
Who are some of the main characters in the story of Fever, 1793 Mattie, Mother, Grandfather, Eliza, The twins, and Nell.
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