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Typing Vocab

typing vocab

accuracy a measure of error in keyboarding
backspace key key used to backup and erase the character or space to the left of the cursor
caps lock a key that when locked down causes all letters to be capitalized
delete key the key pressed to remove selected text or objects
escape key a key that lets the user cancel the last operation and go back to the previous
keyboard a set of keys arranged on a board that lets you input data into the computer
Microsoft word a software that cam be used to produce documents, including letters , reports, manuals and newsletters
num lock a key used to switch the number keypad between number entry and editing
posture the position of the body or parts of the body
shift key a key used to make capital letters and certain symbols when pressed in combination with another key
spacing the number of blank lines between printed lines
strike to tap or press the keys of a keyboard with finger or thumb
tab key when pressed, this key moves the cursor to settings that are used to line up columns of text in a document or to move data entry areas in programs or dialogue boxes
text the actual structure of words in a piece of writing or printing
home row keys the starting position on a keyboard, the keys on the left hand are fdsa and the keys o the right hand are jkl;
Created by: Mariestewart13