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PC Skills Exam

PC Skills and Keyboarding

Google equivalent for Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets.
Google equivalent for Microsoft Word. Google Docs.
Google equivalent for Microsoft PowerPoint. Google Slides.
Google equivalent for Microsoft Outlook. Gmail.
Name of the suite of programs/apps offered by Google? Google Drive.
Explain what it means when a program is run "in the cloud". It means it is not stored on a local computer.
List at least 3 benefits of using programs that are cloud-based. Access on any computer, flexibility, online collaboration.
List at least 2 disadvantages of using cloud-based apps/programs. Wifi dependent, security.
List at least 2 features offered by Google Drive which makes working with others (friends, classmates, colleagues) easier than traditional software and explain how they work. Share/collaborate in real time, Hang Out/video chat.
You have a large group of friends that you get together with frequently. You are typically the one that sends out directions, times and details for each event. What Google contacts feature could you use to make sending out these emails easier and why? Groups/add contacts/press of a button.
What Google Drive collaborating feature allows you to receive feedback from the people with whom you've shared the documents? Comments.
How would you record the email and physical address for a friend in Google? Contacts.
How could you email a saved document to a friend in Google? Drive and Gmail.
What program would you use to create a survey for customers regarding your company's service? Jot Form or Google Forms.
What would you use to create a database of your comic book collection by publishing date? Google Sheets.
If you were creating a presentation for a science experiment what would you use? Google Slides/Presentations.
To send a document or image by email you would need to include a what? Attachment.
To automatically calculate the value of more than one cell in a spreadsheet created in Google Sheets, you would need to insert a what? Formula.
To change the "look" of a document, the user can start by formatting the what? Header and footer, font, line spacing.
A feature in Google Sheets used to rearrange data in a ascending or descending order based on a given criteria. Sort.
Formatting feature that determines the distance between lines of text. Line spacing.
'Right', 'center', 'left', and 'justify' are examples of this type of formatting or setting used in all Google Drive apps. Text alignment.
A range of cells in a spreadsheet that runs from top to bottom. Column.
Name given to users which have been given permission to work on, view, or comment on a document that they did not create. Collaborators.
A list of all of the past changes you have made to a document over a certain period of time that can be found when using Google Drive. Revision history.
'Can Edit', 'Can Comment', and 'Can View' are all examples of what specific privacy setting? Share options.
A format setting that allows you to emphasize certain text by using a shape of your choice preceding each item of the list. Bulleted list.
The space in a spreadsheet that represents the intersection of a row and a column. Cell.
A format setting that allows you to emphasize certain text or create an outline by using a number or letter preceding each item in a list. Numbered list.
A range of cells in a spreadsheet that runs from the left to the right. Row.
To help a user go directly to a certain website, shared document or image, you could insert a ___________ for them to use. URL link.
To change the appearance of style of your text, you could select a different ______. Font.
A table made up of rows and columns that is used to easily record and organize data. Spreadsheet.
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