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E. Engine fire prot

Engine fire prot 5

What types of fire detector systems are used for engine fire detectors? (3) Overheat, rate of rise, and flame detectors.
How does a thermal switch fire protection system operate? When heated past a predetermined temperature, the switch closes causing the warning devices in the cockpit to activate.
How many thermal switches are needed in a thermal switch fire protection system? At least one.
What kind of fire detection system allows more complete coverage than a spot type system? A continuous loop system.
What happens if an engine equipped with a thermocouple fire warning system overheats slowly? Nothing, because a fast temperature rise or rapid heating is required for this type of fire system to operate.
What electrical power is required for a thermocouple fire protection system to operate? Both the thermocouple-produced power and the aircraft electrical system are required for this type of fire protection system to operate.
What is the likely cause of a false fire warning? The engine fire sensing loop is bent or kinked excessively.
What are fire extinguishing systems designed to do? They are designed to dilute the oxygen levels around the engine to a point that does not allow combustion, or to reduce temperatures below the ignition point.
What elements must be present for a fire to occur? An ignition source such as heat or a spark, fuel and oxygen.
What group of fire extinguishing agents are no longer manufactured because of environmental concerns. Halons(or freon or chlorofluorocarbons [CFCs] were no longer manufactured after 1995. However existing stocks of CFC may still be used and are subject to strict handling and disposal regulations.
How are fire extinguishing agents distributed? Through perforated tubing and/or discharge nozzles.
What is the purpose of the discharge cartridge and how is it activated? The discharge cartridge, or squib, which is electrically ignited, fires a projectile into the frangible disk, thereby releasing fire extinguishing agent.
How is a fire extinguisher system with a high rate of discharge classified? As an HD fire extinguisher system.
What do red and yellow discs in a fire extinguishing system indicate? A yellow disc indicates a normal discharge. A red disc indicates a thermal disc.
How is the fire extinguishing agent in an HRD system distributed, and how long does it take to discharge? The agent is distributed through a series of high pressure tubes and takes one to two seconds to discharge.
What is the purpose of a pressure gauge in a fire extinguishing system? Indicates pressure within the container. To check if the pressure is within limits,a pressure-temperature chart is used.
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