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Cree Unit Four

nohtâwiy NA My Father
nikâwiy NA My Mother
ninekihikwak NA My Parents
nitâwâsimisak NA My Adult Children
nicawâsimisak NA My Little Children
nitânis NA My Daughter
nikosis NA My Son
nimosôm NA My Grandfather
nôhkom NA My Grandmother
nîtisânak NA My Sisters and Brother (Siblings)
nisîmisak NA My Younger Sisters and Brothers
nitôtem NA My Friend
wîki VAI To Live At
atoske VAI To Work
itohte VAI To Go
isîyihkâso VAI To Be Named/Called
isîyihkâta VTI To Name NI
isîyihkâs VTA To Name NA
wâpam VTA To See NA
wâpahta VTI To See NI
nitaweyim VTA To Want NA
nitaweyihta VTI To Want NI
nistaweyim VTA To Know Him/Her (NA)
pîkiskwâs VTA To Talk To Him/Her (NA)
itwe VTI To Say (It) NI
kîkwây Part. What
tân'te Part. Where
awîna Part. Who
tân'spi Part. When
tânehki Part. Why
tân'sîyisi Part. How
mâka Part. But
ohci Part. From, For, About
ekwa Part. And, Now
ekosi Part. So, That's It
wîpac Part. Soon
wâhyaw Part. Far Away
kihtwâm Part. Again
mîywâsin Expr, It Is Good
kihtwâm itwe Expr. Say it Again
ka Expr. Oh, Oh Yes (Indicates Agreement)
tân'si Conversation Hello, How are You?
namoya nân'taw Conversation I'm Fine
kîya mâka Conversation And How About You?
Peyakwan Conversation Just the same.
tânsesîyihkâsoyan Conversation What is Your Name?
Lana nitisîyihkâson Conversation My Name is Lana.
tân'te ohci kîya Conversation Where Are You From?
wâhyaw ohci nîya Conversation I am from Far Away.
awîna kohtâwiy Conversation Who is your father?
John nohtâwiy Conversation John is My Father.
ka Conversation Oh.
Awîna kikâwiy Conversation Who is your Mother?
Mary nikâwiy Conversation Mary is My Mother.
kîya mâka awîniki kinekihikwak. Conversation But how about you? Who are your parents?
Paul ekwa Edith ninekihikwak Conversation. Paul and Edith are my parents.
tân'te ehatoskeyan Conversation Where do you work?
ôtenâhk ehatoskeyân Conversation I work in the city.
tân'te ewîtohteyan Conversation Where are you Going?
ôtenâhk niwîtohtân Conversation I am going to the city.
tân'spi ewîtohteyan ôtenâhk Conversation When are you going to the city?
wîpac ewîtohteyân ôtenâhk Conversation I'm going to the city soon.