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C. Engine inspection

Engine inspections 3

What publication is used to check an engine for normal operation? Manufacturer's maintenance manual.
A weak cylinder is found during a compression check. What must be inspected? The inside of the cylinder.
What publications can be used as a guide for 100-hour inspections on aircraft engines? (2) Manufactures maintenance manuals and FAR part 43, appendix D.
How do you identify the engine serial number? It's on the engine data plate.
Prior to returning a reciprocating engine to service after a 100-hour inspection, what operational checks must be performed? (7) Check the power output (static and idle r.p.m.), check magnetos, fuel and oil pressure check, cylinder and oil temperature check.
What purpose does an oil analysis serve? Metal particles in the oil show normal and abnormal wear of the engine. This helps in evaluating the engine's internal condition.
What inspection should be performed on an engine that has been in storage? Perform an inspection to determine if there is any corrosion damage.
Why are hot section inspections performed on turbine engines? To determine the integrity and wear of the hot section components.
What inspections must be performed following a turbine engine overspeed? Refer to the engine manufacturer's maintenance manual for the required procedures.
What inspections must be performed on a turbine engine if the exhaust gas temperature exceeds limitations? A hot section inspection.
Where are life-limited parts of an engine listed? (3) Engine maintenance manuals, type certificate data sheets, and the airworthiness limitations section of the instructions for continued airworthiness.
What criteria determines replacement of life limited turbine engine components?(3) Cycles, hours and/or calender time.
If turbine blades are removed from a turbine disc, why should they be re-installed in the same location? To maintain the balance of the turbine wheel.
Where can engine operating limits be found? (4) Engine manual, engine specifications, type certificates data sheet, and aircraft manufacturer's maintenence manual.
What FAA approvals are required when installing an engine that is not on the aircraft type certificate? An STC (supplemental type certificate)or an FAA field approval.
Under what conditions is compliance with an engine service bulletin mandatory? When an airworthiness directive references the service bulletin or compliance is part of the approval operating specifications for a commercial or air carrier operator. When engine or component overhaul procedures require compliance at time of overhaul.
What is fan blade shingling? It is the overlapping of the midspan shrouds of the fan blade.
When a turbofan or turbojet engine is shut down, what should a mechanic listen for during coastdown? Any rubbing sound or other unusual noises from the engine.
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