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Physiology Exam 1

Semester 1

T or F Are for pills muscles surround the hair follicles and contract when the individual is cold causing goose bumps True
T or F Both sebaceous and sudiferous glands are considered to be endocrine glands False, exocrine
T or F Eating too many orange vegetables may cause skin to turn yellow/orange True
T or F Homeostasis is the tendency of the body's systems to maintain a relatively constant or balanced internal environment True
T or F The atomic number of oxygen is 8. Therefore, oxygen atoms always contain 8 neutrons. False, protons
T or F The repair is cardiac muscle and nervous tissue occurs mainly by fibrosis, or scarring True
T or F Epiphyseal plates are made of spongy bone False, hyaline cartilage
T or F Secondary ossification centers appear in the epiphyses of a long bone True
T or F The bony callus of a fracture is initially composed of compact bone False, spongy bone
How many amino acids are coded in the following nucleotide sequence segment? AAGCTCTTACGAATATTC A) 18 B) 9 C) 6 D) 3 C) 6
During which phase of mitosis do the chromosomes align on the equator of the spindle. A) anaphase B) prophase C) metaphase D) telophase E) none of these C) Metaphase
During which phase of mitosis does prophase happen in reverse? A) anaphase B) metaphase C) telophase D) none of these C) telophase- cytokinesis
During which phase of mitosis do the centromeres break and chromosomes begin migration toward opposite poles of the cell? A) anaphase B) prophase C) metaphase D) telophase E) none of the above A) anaphase
Events of tissue repair include A) regeneration B) organization C) granulation D) fibrosis E) inflammation F) all of the above F) all of the above
Vitamin D is important in the absorption and metabolism of A) phosphate B) lipid C) potassium D) calcium D) calcium
Fat in the Layer beneath the dermis helps to insulate the body A) epidermis B) endodermis C) subcutaneous D) dermal C) subcutaneous
What is found everywhere on. The body except for the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and lips? A) eccrine glands B) apocrine glands C) sudiferous glands D) hair D) hair
The hairy "cloak" of the fetus is the A) lanugo B) milia C) vernix caseosa D) keratin A) lanugo
A dermatologist examines a patient with lesions on the face. So,e of the lesions appear as shiny, raised spots and others are ulcerated with beaded edges. What is the diagnosis? A) melanoma B) squamous cell carcinoma C) basal cell carcinoma D) acne C) basal cell carcinoma
Surgical realignment of broken bone ends A) open reduction B) closed reduction C) depressed fracture D) greenstick fracture A) open reduction
Fracture usually as a result of twisting forces A) depressed fracture B) simple fracture C) compound fracture D) spiral fracture D) spiral fracture
Rheumatoid arthritis A) is a result from "wear and tear" B) may be due to high levels of Uric acid in the blood C) is caused by the lack of vitamin D D) is an autoimmune disease D) is an autoimmune disease
All chemical reactions occurring in the body A) responsiveness B) reproduction C) growth D) metabolism D) metabolism
Two spinal curvatures well developed at birth A) primary curvatures B) secondary curvatures A) primary curvatures
Two spinal curvatures well developed at birth C) thoracic and sacral curvatures D) cervical and lumbar curvatures C) thoracic and sacral curvatures
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