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Calm Spirit

Key Herbs

Pin Yin Herb NameLatinFunctionsIndicationsCautions/Contras
Ci Shi (3) Magnetitum 1)Achors/calms spirit 2) Nourishes the Kid, Augments Liv., Improves hearing & Vision 3) Aids the Kidneys in grasping the qi 1)Yin xu fire up - restless, palps, insom, tremor. esp for kid xu -> Liv fire blazing deranging Ht. spirit; Convulsions from shock in kids 2) Liv/Kid xu- deafness, tinnitus, visual dist 3)Chronic asthma Caution: Weak Sp/St
Zhen Zhu (3) Margarita - Pearl 1) Sedates heart. Settles tremors & palps 2) Clears Liv. Eliminates superficial visual obstruction. 3) Promotes healing. Generates flesh. 1) Palps, child convulsions, seizures. Disharmony of Ht/Spirit-> easily scared/angered. 2) Superficial disorders of eye - bl. vision from pterygium 3) Chronic non-healing ulcers, Macerated areas (gums, throat) Caution - Pregnancy (Babies too young for pearls/margaritas.)
Zhen Zhu Mu (4) Margaritiferae Concha Usta (Mother of Pearl) 1) Calms Liv. Anchors yang. Drains Liv. fire 2)Clears the Liv. Clears the eyes 3)Sedates fright. Calms spirit. 4)Stops bleeding. 1)Asc. Liv yang: H/A, dizzy, vertigo, tinnitus, insom 2)Liv heat w/ photophobia - red eyes, superf. visual obst. 3)Malaise of Ht. spirit: palps w/ anx, insom, etc 4)Bleeding esp. from upper parts of body Cautions: Sp/St cold from xu; Sinking from qi xu; Pregnancy
Zhi Shi Ying (3) Fluoritum 1) Sedates the Ht. Settles tremors & palps 2) Warms the Lungs. Direct Qi downward. 3)Warms the womb. Warms/unblocks penetrating & conception vessels 1) Ht blood xu or ascendant Liv yang: disorientation, insom, palps w/ anx, convulsions 2)Cold from Lu xu - cough, wheeze 3) Cold from xu of womb - xs menses, uterine bleeding, infertility Fire from yin xu
Hu Po (4) Succinum 1)Arrest tremors & palps. Calms spirit. 2) Invigs blood. Dissipates stasis. Unblocks menses 3) Promotes urination. Ublocks painful urinary dribbling. 1)Disturbance of spirit- Palps w/ anx, XS dreams, insom, forgetful, anx, seizures from dist. spirit, kids -> convulsions, seizures 2) Blood stasis - amenor, pain from fixed masses 3) Urinary retent, Painful urinary dribb, esp w/ bl. 4) Sores, skin ulcers, Yin xu with heat signs
Zi Bei Chi (2) Mauritiae/Cypreae concha 1) Calms Liv. Anchors the yang. Sedates fright. 2) Clears the Liv. Brightens the eyes. 1) Asc. Liv yang or deranged Ht. yang -> Dizziness, Palps, Vertigo, Insomnia 2) Red swollen painful eyes with superficial visual obst. Caution - Weak digestion
Suan Zao Ren Ziziphi Spinosae Semen (Sour Jujube Seeds) 1) Nourishes the Ht. yin. Augments the Liv Blood. Quiets the Spirit. 2) Prevents abnormal sweating. 1) Blood xu (not nourishing Ht.) or yin xu (upward flaring fire): Irritability, Insomnia, Palps w/ anxiety 2)Spontaneous sweating. Night sweating. Severe diarrhea; Heat from excess
Bai Zi Ren (3) Platycladi Semen 1) Nourishes the Ht. Calms the Spirit. 2) Moistens the Intestines. Unblocks the bowels. 3) Night sweats from yin xu 1)Ht. yin xu & blood xu - Irrit, Insomnia, Forgetful, Palps w/ anxiety, Night terrors in kids 2) Blood or yin xu - Constipation in elderly, debilitated & postpartum women 3)Yin xu night sweats Loose stools/phlegm disorders.
Yuan Zhi (3) Polygalae Radix 1) Calms spirit. Quiets the Ht. 2) Expels phlegm. Clears the orifices. Stops coughs. 3) Reduces abscesses. Dissipates swellings. 1)Insom, palps w/anx, restless, disoriented (esp. XS brooding, contrained, pent-up emotions 2) Phlegm envelops Ht. orifice - emotional disorientation, spasms, seizures. Phlegm in Lungs that is difficult to expectorate 3) Abscesses, boils, sores, sw. brst *Unless prepared, irritating when ingested. *Yin xu w/ heat signs * Peptic ulcers or gastritis
Long Gu (4) Fossilia Ossis Mastodi 1) Settles anxiety. Calms spirit. 2) Calms Liver. Anchors/preserves floating yang. 3) Prevents leakage of fluids. 4)Chronic non-healing sores/ulcers (topical) 1)Emot distr- restless, insom, palps w/ anx; Agit Ht/spirit- seizures, w/draw mania. 2)Liv yin xu fire up-irrit, restless, dizzy, vertgo, bl vision, bad temper 3)Fluid loss (xu) -spematrhea, night/spont sweat, noct emiss, vag dis, uter bl 4)Non-heal sores 1) Damp-heat 2)Externally contracted excess disorders
Long Chi (1) Fossilia Dentis Mastodi Settles anxiety. Calms spirit. *Palps w/ anxiety *Withdrawal Mania *Insomnia *Dream-disturbed sleep 1) Damp-heat 2)Externally contracted excess disorders
Mu Li (5) Ostreae Concha 1) Heavily settles/calms spirit. 2) Benefits yin. Anchors floating yang. 3) Prevents leakage of fluids. 4) Softens hardness. Dissipates nodules. 5) Absorbs acidity. Alleviates pain 1)Palps/anx, Restless, Insom 2)Irrit, insom, dizzy, H/A, tinits, bl vision, temper, red, fl face 3)Cont. sweat (steam bone/warm pathg.) 3) Astringt (xu)- spont/night sweat, noct emis, sprmtrhea, vag dis, uter bl 4)Neck lumps-scrofula, goiter 5)St. pain 1)High fever (XS) with absence of sweating. 2)Overdose may lead to indigestion/constipation
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