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Bloom Taxonomy: Knowing

Software piracy The unauthorised act of sharing, copying, or reproducing another person's program without permission.
Intellectual Property A person's creative invention, artistic work, or design. In relation to software it can be referred to as your unique work.
Plagiarism The act of stealing someone else's work or their ideas, and using them as their own.
Shareware A software licence that allows you to download the software for free and use it for a limited time that is specified by the developers. You may request to continue using the program for longer by paying. Some features may also only be accessed by paying.
Freeware A software licence that allows you to download the software for free and use it indefinitely. You may not decompile or change anything in the program.
Public Domain Software A software licence that allows you to download the software for free, share it with others, decompile it or change the functionality of the program.
Copyright Law The legal right of having ownership over intellectual property to prove that it is yours. It gives you the right to distribute it however you want.
Reverse Engineering The act of converting machine code into source code so that you can find out how it was created, and produce a better or updated version of the software.
Decompilation Converting the machine code of a program back into source code so that you can interpret it and understand how the program was made.
Network Use This has allowed us to collaborate together in order to create software, and is the platform (such as the internet) in which we distribute most of our software.
Created by: Riccardo