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U.s presidents, elements, capitals, geography

Somalia Mogadishu
Australia Canberra
Argentina Buenos Aires
Serbia Belgrade
Ukraine Kiev
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Switzerland Bern
Bahamas Nassau
Peru Lima
Iceland Reykjavik
Brazil Brasilia
Zimbabwe Harare
India New Delhi
Indonesia Jakarta
New Zealand Wellington
Russia Moscow
Kenya Nairobi
North Korea Pyongyang
South Korea Seoul
Japan Tokyo
Turkey Ankara
Iran Tehran
1st washington
7th jackson
16th Lincoln
18th Grant
27th Taft
32nd Franklin Roosevelt
35th Kennedy
37th Nixon
40th Reagan
44th Obama
B boron
He helium
Ne neon
Ar argon
C carbon
S sulfur
Xe xenon
Ag silver
I iodine
P phosphorus
Mn Manganese
W tungsten
K potassium
Sn tin
Pb lead
Bi bismuth
O oxygen
Br bromine
Hg mercury
Pt platinum
Fe iron
Cr chromium
U uranium
Pu plutonium
Np Neptunium
Sb Antimony
longest river Nile
Biggest country Russia
Biggest Ocean pacific
biggest desert Antarctica
biggest land animal african elephant
biggest land carnivore polar bear
biggest animal blue whale
smallest bird bee hummingbird
fastest bird peregrin falcon
fastest land animal cheetah
slowest mammal sloth
biggest planet jupiter
coldest planet neptune
ice moon of jupiter europa
lava moon of jupiter Io
nearest star proxima centauri
Created by: magnetom