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Hardware & Software

Card reader a device that transfers data between a memory card and a computer.
Device driver text annotation indicator software that helps a peripheral device established communication with a computer.
Gigahertz (GHz) text annotation indicator a measure of the frequency equivalent to one billion cycles per second.
Linux platform text annotation indicator uses a standard PC or Mac to run the Linux operating system.
Mac platform text annotation indicator based on a proprietary design for a personal computer called the Macintosh or Mac, manufactured almost exclusively by Apple Inc.
Megahertz (MHz) text annotation indicator a measure of the frequency equivalent to one million cycles per second.
Mobile App text annotation indicator an application designed to be downloaded to a handheld device like a smartphone or tablet computer.
PC Platform text annotation indicator based on the design for the IBM PC.
Peripheral device text annotation indicator designates input, output, and storage equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality.
Service Pack text annotation indicator a collection of patches designed to correct bugs and/or add features to an existing software program.
System Unit text annotation indicator .the case that holds the computer's main circuit boards, microprocessor, memory, power supply, and storage devices.
System Utilities text annotation indicator can track down and fix disk errors, repair corrupted files, and give devices a performance-enhancing tune-up. 
Malware text annotation indicator a program or a set of program instructions that are designed to enter a computer and disrupt its normal operations.
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