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AW; T3; Ch 26-28

Advanced Word; Test 3; Ch 26-28

Footnotes are inserted where? At the bottom of the page that the reference number is on.
Where are endnotes inserted? At the end of the document regardless of where the reference number is.
The default numbering pattern for footnotes is? Arabic numbers
The default numbering pattern for endnotes is? Lowercase roman numerals
Three commonly used styles for providing references in a report are: APA, CMS, & MLA
APA stands for... American Psychological Association
APA is used for: social sciences & research fields
CMS stands for... Chicago Manual of Style
CMS is used for ___ & ___ ___, considered more complex. both the humanities & social sciences
MLA stands for... Modern Language Association style
MLA is used for: humanities & English composition
What's the difference in formatting between MLA, APA, & CMS for a reference page? APA & MLA are double spaced with a blank line within/between; CMS is single spaced with a blank line between.
What is your update key? F9
True or False: Ctrl + A changes the font on your endnotes & footnotes? False; you have to change them separately.
For a direct quotation, what should you include in your citation? Page number
How does Word separate the document from footnote/endnote text? Separated from the text by a 2-inch line.
What happens to the reference numbers if you delete or move a footnote/endnote? All of the remaining footnotes/endnotes renumber automatically.
What key is used to copy a footnote? Ctrl + C
How should you delete a footnote/endnote? Select the reference number & press the Delete key
The _____, placed at the end of your paper, is an alphabetized list of books, articles, and other sources used in writing the paper. bibliography
When you mark a word to include in the index, the selected word displays where? Main entry
Can what is put as a Main entry be changed? Yes
When you mark an item to be included in the index, what do you click? Mark All
Where does an index appear? End of a document, on a page by itself.
If you have an item that spans pages, you would mark it as a ____. bookmark
You want to refer your reader to another entry, what's that called? Cross-Reference
Two ways to mark index entries: one by one using your Mark Entry dialog box or use a Concordance File
A ___ ___ is a table with 2 columns. Concordance file.
Column 1 has: words that you want to appear in the index, case sensitive
Column 2 has: Main entry: subentry (if needed)
To use a Concordance file, where do you go? AutoMark button
What do you do before you update any items from chapter's 27-28? Turn off Show/Hide feature
An ___ is a one word/group of words that tells what page the information related to that word is located in the report. index
How is an index numbered? Arabic numbers
What code is used to indicate an index entry? XE
What is automatically turned on when you mark entries for an index? Nonprinting symbols; Show/Hide feature
Where does a Table of Contents (TOC) appear? Beginning of a document, page by itself.
What kind of break do you use to create a TOC? Next Page Section Break
Prefaced pages are formatted with? lowercase roman numeral
Document pages start with? Arabic numbers
The only way to have lowercase roman numerals for preface pages & Arabic numbers for document pages is to: insert a Next Page Section Break
Three ways to mark items for your TOC is: apply styles, marking entry fields/text, or assigning levels
Use this keyboard shortcut to display the Mark Table of Contents Entry dialog box. Alt + Shift + O
A Table of Figures uses what to mark the text? Captions
The item used for a legal brief/other legal document is a... Table of Authorities
Why would you mark entries as fields to create a TOC? to include text in the TOC, but don't want the formatting
Why would you mark entries using styles to create a TOC? applying styles to text applies specific formatting
A __ of __ is included in a document that contains figures so that readers can quickly locate specific information. table of figures
What is used to create a Table of Figures? marking figures/images with captions
How does a Table of Authorities differ from the other indexes/tables? Word provides common categories under which citations can be organized.
Created by: ibenoit95