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Bleu L18

Discovering French Today! Bleu L18

acheter to buy
j'achète I buy
tu achètes you (s) buy
il/elle achète he/she buys
nous achetons we buy
vous achetez you (pl) buy
ils/elles achètent they buy
préférer to prefer
je préfère I prefer
tu préfères you (s) prefer
il/elle préfère he/she prefers
nous préférons we prefer
vous préférez you (pl) prefer
ils/elles préfèrent they prefer
amener to bring (people)
j'amène I am bringing (people)
tu amènes you (s) are bringing (people)
il/elle amène he/she is bringing (people)
nous amenons we are bringing (people)
vous amenz you (pl) are bringing (people)
ils/elles amènent they are bringing (people)
apporter to bring (things)
j'apporte I am bringing (things)
tu apportes you (s) are binging (things)
il/elle apporte he/she is bringing (things)
nous apportons we are bringing (things)
vous apportez you (pl) are bringing (things)
ils/elles apportent they are bringing (things)
espérer to hope
j'espère I hope
tu espères you (s) hope
il/elle espère he/she hopes
nous espérons we hope
vous espérez you (pl) hope
ils/elles espèrent they hope
ce this/that (masc. consonant, singular)
cet this/that (masc. vowel singular)
cette this/that (feminine singular)
ces these/those (plural)
quel which/what (masc singular)
quelle which/what (feminine singular)
quels which/what (masc plural)
quelles which/what (feminine plural)
mettre to put on/place/turn on
je mets I put on/place/turn on
tu mets you (s) put on/place/turn on
il/elle met he/she put on/place/turn on
nous mettons we put on/place/turn on
vous mettez you (pl) put on/place/turn on
ils/elles mettent they put on/place/turn on
Created by: mme.nyenhuis