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Bearstone Review

This is a review of characters, events, and information regarding the novel.

The name of the woman who took Cloyd to the ranch Susan James
This is Cloyd's brain dead father Leeno Attcity
The game warden Sam Perkins
The Native American boy who respects the bear Cloyd Attcity
Walter's sister-in-law Etta
An old farmer who lives on a ranch Walter Landis
The name of the roan Blueboy
The dead wife of the old farmer Maude
The red headed bear hunter Rusty
A secret name told to very few Lone Bear
What is the name of the trout Cloyd caught? Cutthroat Trout
What is the name of the high peak in the mountains Cloyd wanted to go to? The Rio Grande Pyramid
What is the bearstone? a turquiose stone shaped like a bear
What does the bear represent to the Ute tribe? strength
Why does Cloyd give himself the name "Lone Bear"? He is alone a lot and relies only on himself. Bear represents strength.
What is the Pride of the West? Walter's mine
Who are the Ute Indians? Cloyd's heritage on his mother's side
Who are the Navajo Indians? Cloyd's heritage on his father's side?
What happened to Cloyd's father? He was in a car accident and has been brain dead for four years.
Who are the Weminuche Indians? The old Ute tribe that used to dwell on the mountains before they were forced out by the white men.
Who says, "Live in a good way"? Cloyd's grandmother
Who says, "The hurt you get over makes you stronger"? Walter
What does Cloyd think he has been eating at the ranch that makes him sick? bear sausage
What grew on Walter's ranch? Peaches
Where did Walter's relatives want him to live after he got better? a nursing home
What did Walter and Cloyd have in common? They are both lonely
What did Cloyd give Walter at the hospital? the bearstone
Cloyd's grandmother says that gold makes people what? Crazy and dishonest
How many fish did Cloyd catch? seven
What did Cloyd find in the burial cave beside the dead baby? the bearstone in a vase
How was Cloyd doing in school? Poorly; failing most subjects
Why is it illegal to kill a grizzly bear? they are protected or endangered
What reason does Walter give Cloyd for not going to the Rio Grande Pyramid with him? The old man can't take the high altitude
What does Walter learn about Cloyd when he mentions a letter from Cloyd's sister? Cloyd can't read
What does Cloyd forget to mix with the gas for the chainsaw? oil
Why doesn't Cloyd cut the peach trees down completely? He wanted them to die slowly and shrivel up to look like his grandmother's peaches.
Created by: cdurso