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The Great Gatsby Rev

Brenham English III TGG Review

Who follows a dream for 5 years? Jay Gatsby
Who narrates the novel? Nick Carraway
Who meets Gatsby in Louisville? Daisy Buchanan
Who sends Wilson after Gatsby? Tom Buchanan
Who plays golf and becomes involved with the narrator? Jordan Baker
Who cheats on her husband to have an affair with Tom? Myrtle Wilson
Who shoots Gatsby? George Wilson
Who comes from Minnesota for Gatsby's funeral? James Gatz
Who comes often and stays a long time at Gatsby's? Klipspringer
Who witnesses Myrtle's accident? Michaelis
Tom and Daisy or depicted as being destructive, careless, selfish
Daisy married Tom because Gatsby was gone, she was flattered by Tom, and she wanted a purpose for her life.
Nick first meets Jordan at Daisy's house
George thinks that when Myrtle goes to New York, she is visiting her sister
Gatsby gives huge parties because he is looking for Daisy
Wolfsheim's major accomplishment was fixing the 1919 World Series
George becomes aware of his wife's affair when he finds the dog collar
When Myrtle sees Tom with Jordan, she thinks that Jordan is Daisy
Tom's first reaction to Gatsby's charge that Daisy does not love him is disbelief
Daisy drives Gatsby's car home from New York because she thinks it will calm her down
Daisy does not stop after the accident because she simply cannot.
The only character who knows all of the details of the accident and who is involved with whom is Nick
George finds out how owns the car through Tom
The "very sad" event in Gatsby's life is Daisy's marriage to another man
After shooting Gatsby, George Wilson shoots himself
Nick believes Gatsby's story about the war because of the medal and photo.
When Gatsby's father comes for the funeral and sees Jay's house, his grief is mixed with pride
Nick is distressed after Gatsby's death because Gatsby's friends are apathetic and do not care
What makes Gatsby memorable to Nick? Gatsby's willingness to sacrfiice his dreams for his true love
"I hate that word hulking", objected Tom, "even kidding." This quote does not show Tom's habit of physically controlling people
"You did it, Tom," she said accusingly. "I know you did not mean to, but you did do it." This quote does not show Tom's capacity for violence
"...the air is alive with chatter and laughter and casual innuendo and introductions forgotten on the spot." This quote does not show the elaborate preparation that went into Gatsby's parties
"I told her how I had stopped off in Chicago for a few days on my way east and how a dozen people had sen their love through me." This quote does not show Nick's discomfort with Tom, Daisy, and Jordan.
"As I waited for my hat in the hall the door of the library opened and Jordan Baker and Gatsby came out together." This how the does not show how the guest at Gatsby's party conducted themselves according to the rules of an amusement park
"I noticed that she wore her evening dress, all of her dresses, like sports clothes..." This quote characterizes Jordan
"These people! You have to keep after them all the time." This quote is an example of how Myrtle tries to act rich.
"Daisy loved me when she married me ad she loves me know." This quote does not show that Tom has been unfaithful to Daisy.
Gatsby was a decorated war hero in WWI. true
Gatsby comes from a wealthy Midwestern family. false
Nick believes that Jordan Baker is incurably dishonest. true
Nick believes that he is one of the few honest people he has ever known. true
The narrator relates hints that Gatsby did not earn his money honestly. true
Myrtle runs towards Gatsby's car because she wants to talk to him. false
Nick Carraway is involved in dishonest dealings with his job. false
Daisy Buchanan was in love with Gatsby before she married Tom. true
Gatsby bought his mansion only because of its size and splendor. false
Who said, "I can't stand my husband. The only crazy thing I did was marry him." Myrtle
Who said, "Do you think everything will please her, old sport?" Gatsby
Who said, " I'm one of the few honest people I know." Nick
Who said, "He'd have killed me if I hadn't told him who owned the car." Tom
Who said, "But I did love Tom once--and I love you, too." Daisy
Who said, "I'm really sorry,but I don't get involved with my friends deaths." Wolfsheim
Who said, "I have a way to find out who killed my wife." George
Created by: juliehinds