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S.S.Powerpoint 1

Second quarter frist topic

Ordinance Rule, Regulation, or law
Territory Any tract of land belong to a state
Township Unit of local Government subdivision of a large area
Amend To Alter or modify
Legacy of the revolutionary War The american win due to better leadership, foreign aid knowledge Of the land and motivation The battle of youngtown ends the war
For 150 years colonies of each other. What attitudes would have to change in order to have success in the war and after? State leads the way State government where the first to be created and they agreed Are new nation should be a republic Some States created separate branches of government - giving different powers to different parts of the government
B. The articles of confederation are first nation Government In 1776 the continental congress created a republic form of government
The government would be run by the confederation congress. They kept a central government weak. Why fear a strong nation government at this time? They gave some powers to the national government and some to the state governments Created a “firm league of friendship” among the states but gave the national government very little power
Articles of confederation They gave some powers to the national government and some to the state governments.
Powers of the national government Powers of the national Govt. To wage war To make peace To coin currency/ Money Each state git 1 Vote
Powers of the state govt. To set taxes To enforce national laws To control trade between states
The northwest territory: a success under the articles of confederation The land ordinance of 1785 divides the newly acquired land into 6 mile square plots called township
Government land The northwest ordinance of 1787 set the guidelines to apply to become a state
Statehood in the northwest Territory An area could elect its own assembly You can apply for statehood when you have 60,000 people Slavery was outlawed You were guaranteed freedom of religion and a right to a trial by jury
Created by: abb553
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