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CCCC Book 2

Undated Question Binder

Give the expected score of a rifle-shooter who, with one shot, has a 10% chance of scoring 0, a 20% chance of scoring 10, a 30% chance of scoring 20, a 30% chance of scoring 30, and a 10% chance of scoring 40. 21
What is 35 * 4 in C++? 140
For a=2, b=5, and c=1-, what is the value of the quantity (a*b>c) in C++? false
Many children's playgrounds have wooden equipment treated with CCA, which keeps termites and decay out of the wood by using copper and what other chemical element, used in many murder mysteries to poison the victim? arsenic
Give the number of the column of the periodic table in which these elements are found: fluorine, bromine, iodine 17
Give the number of the column of the periodic table in which these elements are found: beryllium, calcium, magnesium 2
Give the number of the column of the periodic table in which these elements are found: aluminum, boron, gallium 13
Give the number of the column of the periodic table in which these elements are found: copper, silver, gold 11
What book of the Old Testament contains the story of the fall of the city of Jericho? Joshua
What Roman governor washed his hands of the matter of Jesus prior to the crucifixion? Pontius Pilate
Who took the body of Jesus and laid it in a new sepulchre after the crucifixion? Joseph of Arimathea
The NBA's New Jersey Nets purchased land for a new stadium in Brooklyn, New York in 2005, nearly 50 years after the owner refused to sell the land to what baseball team that might otherwise be playing in Brooklyn today, instead of Los Angeles? Dodgers
Name the four American cities whose teams joined with clubs in Montreal and Toronto to form the "Original Six" members of the National Hockey League. Boston, Chicago, Detroit and New York
Jailed during World War II for revolutionary activity, his Free Officers party overthrew King Farouk in 1952. Name this man who succeeded Nasser as Prime Minister of Egypt, but was assassinated in 1981 for signing a peace deal with Egypt. Anwar al-Sadat
What war between Egypt, Syria and Israel began on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar? Yom Kippur War
In what year did the Yom Kippur War take place, six years after the Six-Day War? 1973
"Failure to progress" and "cephalo-pelvic disproportion" are two common reasons given by doctors for what type of surgery that removes a baby by cutting into the mother? Cesarean section
The process gone through to get a baby to stop breastfeeding weaning
This thick fluid is what the baby drinks for the first few days before the milk "comes in" and is a great benefit to the baby's immune system. colostrum
An Egyptian funerary monument completed about 2500 BCE, 756 feet long at each base and 482 feet high at the beginning of its construction, ramps were built to put its stones in place, and it was subsequently covered from the top down with limestone facing The Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops)
Webster's defines it as "the art or process of forming decorative designs with hand or machine needlework." embroidery
This Indonesian technique of dyeing fabric requires certain areas of the cloth to be first covered with a dye-resistant substance so they will not be dyed when everything else is. batik
She is the poet in "The Poet and the Murderer", which discusses a fake poem she wrote bought by the library in Amherst, Massachusetts. Name this writer of "Because I Would Not Stop for Death". Emily Dickinson
Based on the famed Scopes monkey trial, this play features the trial of schoolteacher Bertram Cates for teaching the theory of evolution to the local kids. Inherit the Wind
Named for the Maine location where it takes place the movie version of this play won an Oscar for Henry Fonda as the grumpy grandpa Norman Thayer, who teaches his grandson Billy to fish On Golden Pond
It connects local area networks and decides the next network point where a data packet should be forwarded. Name this device, needed to connect to the Internet, whose wireless variety can be found in many homes. router
In the computer language C++, what happens when \b is entered? backspace
In the computer language C++, what happens when \r is entered? carriage return
Much of Louisiana state law is based on the code written by what European leader who sold Louisiana to the United States? Napoleon Bonaparte
This adjective describes someone who has died and left a valid will. testate
This type of brief can be filed in a case by anyone trying to be a "friend of the court". amicus curiae
In grammar, name the form of a verb in which the verb is preceded by the word "to". infinitive
Give the spelling of the four letter word which pronounced one way is a metal, and another way means doing something and expecting others to follow. L-E-A-D
Give the spelling of the six-letter word which, in Europe and in academia, is referred to as a curriculum vitae, and which also means to restart something that had been stopped. R-E-S-U-M-E
Pick any number. Add six. Triple the result. Subtract three. Divide the result by three. Then subtract the number you started with. What is the final result? 5
If you have 5 shirts and need to pack 3 for a trip, how many different sets of three shirts can you pack? 10
If you have 7 ties and need to pack 2, how many different sets of 2 ties can you pack? 21
What 20th-century President's quest for a second term included reformation of a group called CREEP (the Committee to Re-Elect the President)? Richard Nixon
Besides Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, four other 19th-century US Presidents also served as Secretary of State. Name them. James Madison, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, James Buchanan
Gary Cooper had hemorrhoids while filming this movie so the director used the scenes where Cooper felt worst to create the effect of a sheriff under great stress. Name this Western where Cooper faces down three gunmen who arrive in town at midday. High Noon
This 1999 film's title was James Bond's family motto. The World is Not Enough
This was the only film where James Bond was played by George Lazenby. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
In its most limited form it provides access to employment and education for historically-disadvantaged groups. Give the two-word term for this concept, often attacked by conservatives as setting up quotas. affirmative action
Begun with the consent of Pope Sixtus IV in 1478, its primary role was to convert Muslims and Jews to Christianity, not to serve as an unexpected Monty Python joke. Name this tribunal. Spanish Inquisition
Name the Dominican monk who was given the office of Grand Inquisitor at the request of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Tomas de Torquemada
Its upper part, the unguis, surrounds the end of the toe and forms a rim, while the lower subunguis covers the bottom of the toe. Identify this hard covering made of keratin that helps horses walk on hard ground. hoof
A microscopic one-celled animal consisting of a naked mass of protoplasm amoeba
A mollusk having two shells hinged together, such as the oyster, the clam, or the mussel bivalve
A government official awards a $10 million contract to a contracting firm. If the firm gives $500,000 of that money to the official, who then gives $300,000 to his cronies, what type of illegal transaction has just taken place? kickback
It began in 1902, when its first "Golden Rule" store was opened in Wyoming. This national chain of department stores is named for its founder, James Cash. JC Penney
It begins with a Lithuanian wedding and ends with a labor rally where the speaker shouts, "Chicago will be ours!" Name this Upton Sinclair story about Jurgis, the slaughterhouse worker. The Jungle
Name the slave owner who has Uncle Tom beaten to death in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Simon Legree
Name the slave girl who "just growed" in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Topsy
Its two main types are advection, which occurs when two currents of air meet each other, and radiation, when cold nights cause the land surface to quickly lose heat. Name this cloud that collects at the surface of the earth and drives many drivers crazy. fog
This is the process sea water must undergo to remove the salt before you can drink it. desalinization
This official term for a wave as it go back toward the ocean after breaking on the shore could also describe what you might get in your Coke can if your friend drinks out of it while eating potato chips. backwash
What musical instrument, similar to a piano, is the subject of a book entitled "All the Stops"? organ
It beat the record previously held by "Hello, Dolly!" when it won 12 Tony Awards. Name this Broadway musical that originally starred Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. The Producers
Name the musical within the story of The Producers that was supposed to be a flop but ended up a smash hit. Springtime for Hitler
In calculus, the ratio test can tell if an infinite series converges or diverges unless the ratio is exactly equal to what value? 1
Consider the curve y=x^3-5x^2-3x+12. Calculate its slope at x=-1 10
Consider the curve y=x^3-5x^2-3x+12. As a mixed number, calculate the area under the curve between 1 and 0. 109/12 or 9 1/12
In geography, what term is given to a land area that gets less than 10 inches of rainfall per year. a desert
Washington's Gifford Pinchot National Forest contains this volcano that erupted in 1980. Mount St. Helens
Part of this US geographic feature serves as the border between Idaho and Montana, while part of it runs through the state of Colorado. Water west of it flows to the Pacific Ocean, while water east of it flows to the Atlantic. Continental Divide
Richard Poole, Dr. Lanyon, and Mr. Utterson are among the supporting characters in what Robert Lewis Stevenson story about a man who discovers a formula that unleashes the hidden evil in himself? The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
It was hidden in the Grimpen Mire and nearly killed a man before being shot by Sherlock Holmes. Name this literary title creature. The Hound of the Baskervilles
Name the inspector who serves as an occasional sidekick to Sherlock Holmes, and accompanies him into the mire at the end of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Inspector Lestrade
A stereo might be 110, a lawn mower might be 80, a normal conversation might be 50, and dead silence would be 0 on what logarithmic scale of sound intensity? dB (decibel) scale
This is the term for the lowest frequency that a guitar string can produce fundamental frequency or first harmonic
If a given guitar string is 70 cm long, what is the wavelength at its fundamental frequency? 140 cm
Riccardo Muti resigned in 2005 after 18 years as the music director of what famed opera house in Milan, Italy? La Scala
In the 1950s, American artist Jasper Johns created a painting of this American symbol that had all the red and blue removed the US flag
16th century German artist Albrecht Durer painted a famoush portrait of a pair of hands that look as if they are doing this. praying
The state of Maryland owns South Marsh Island, Tilghman Island, and Smith Island, which are all in the middle of what body of water that separates the Western Shore of Maryland from the Eastern Shore? Chesapeake Bay
This island nation lies south of Corsica, northwest of Sicily, and west of Italy. Sardinia
This Asian country's islands surround the Sulu Sea. The Philippines
To the public, Sir Percy Blakeney is the clueless husband of the beautiful Marguerite. But to close friends, he is better known as what literary title character who rescues 18th century French aristocrats from the guillotine? The Scarlet Pimpernel
Michael Caine played this submarine captain in the film 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. Captain Nemo
In this film from a John Irving book, Michael Caine won his second Oscar for playing an abortion doctor. The Cider House Rules
It contains the semitendinosus and the biceps femoris. Name this muscle that runs from the buttock to the knee along the back of the thigh and is often "pulled" by athletes. hamstring
This word describes surgery that does not require an overnight stay afterward for observation. outpatient
Serious burn victims undergo this painful removal of dead tissue on a regular basis. debridement
What famed photographer received $25000 from Congress in 1875 for his large archive of Civil War shots? Mathew Brady
Most cathedral floors are built in the shape of a cross to remind people of Jesus. Give the general term for the long side of the cross. nave
Most cathedral floors are built in the shape of a cross to remind people of Jesus. Give the general term for the short side of the cross. transept
If one fourth of the students in your math class have brown hair and half of the brown-haired students are over six feet tall, what fraction of the class is over six feet tall and have brown hair? 1/8
The scores on your last three math exams were 75, 84, and 90. What was your average score? 83
The scores on your last three math exams were 75, 84, and 90. What do you need on the next exam to have a combined average of 87 for the four exams? 99
He married Andromeda after saving her from a sea monster. Name this mythological warrior who turned all sorts of people into stone by holding up the head that he cut off of Medusa. Perseus
A Greek mythological creature that is half man and half bull minotaur
A Greek mythological creature that has the head of a lion, body of a goat, and hindquarters of a snake or dragon. chimera
His ransom was to be a large room filled with silver and gold as high as he could reach, but when the room was full he was killed by the men of Francisco Pizarro. Name this leader of the Inca empire. Atahualpa
He served as governor of Louisiana from 1710 to 1717 when he returned to his native France. Identify this French explorer who made his travels without using a DeVille or an Escalade. Antoine de Cadillac
After Antoine de Cadillac was sent to France, he spent time in this infamous prison, stormed some 70 years later. the Bastille
Give the eight-letter word for the curved shape of the surface of a liquid when inside a thin tube. meniscus
Poisoning from this element may have made van Gogh, Handel and King George III sick or insane; today small children can get poisoned by it from eating old paint chips. lead
One theory of Mozart's death is poisoning from this element, whose sulfide form, known as stibnite, was used as an ancient cosmetic. antimony
His second book contained the Parson Weems story about George Washington and the cherry tree. Name this creator of six 19th century schoolbooks that taught generations of Americans to read. William H. McGuffey
In Moby Dick, who was the first mate of the Pequod? Starbuck
In Moby Dick, who was the second mate of the Pequod? Stubb
Jaime Gomez, Allan Pineda, Stacy Ferguson and Will Adams are the four members of what rap group whose 2005 CD was called Monkey Business? The Black-Eyed Peas
After software developers finish internal testing of a program they frequently invite outside volunteers to download the software and test it on their own computers in real world conditions. Give the term for this process of pre-release software testing. beta testing
When using Unix, what two-letter command copies a file from one directory to another? cp
When using Unix, in the c shell, this character in the path of the copy command represents the user's home directory a tilde (~)
Sargent Shriver was the first director of what federal agency started by John F. Kennedy that still sends young American volunteers to aid developing nations? The Peace Corps
Before Barack Obama, who was the last US President to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Jimmy Carter
In 1999, the medical organization "Medicins Sans Frontieres" won the Nobel Peace Prize. What is the English name of the group? Doctors Without Borders
Multiply together the two complex numbers (12-7i) and (4+5i). 83+32i
Calculate 4 to the 3/2 power in lowest terms. 8
Calculate 16 to the -1/2 power in lowest terms. 1/4
In 1863 chemists discovered there are two kinds of it: the one from Myanmar, which has the name everyone knows, and the one from China, called nephrite. Name this type of precious stone whose "imperial" variety is emerald green. jade
Near sea level temperature decreases with altitude, but in this next highest layer of the atmosphere, temperature increases with altitude. stratosphere
In the next-highest layer of the atmosphere after the stratosphere, temperature decreases with altitude. mesophere
When beginning letters to a friend with the salutation "Dear", you normally put a comma after the friend's name. What other punctuation mark should you generally use after "Dear" when writing to a person you've never met? colon
This word is the implicit subject of most sentences with a verb in the imperative. you
It is a two-syllable poetic foot with the accent on the second syllable and is often paired with the word "pentameter". iambic
Popular Mechanics found no evidence to indicate that the "flying disc" that landed there in 1947 was anything other than a weather balloon. Name this government installation claimed to have hidden evidence of alien landings in New Mexico. Roswell
How many judges does the Supreme Court have? 9
Franklin Roosevelt's attempt to "pack the Court", increasing the number of Supreme Court justices to 15, came just after the 1936 election, when he won his second term by defeating what opponent? Alf Landon
The English horrn, the recorder, the piccolo, the oboe, the saxophone, the clarinet and the flute are all part of what category of musical instruments? woodwinds
Give the nickname of the Franz Schubert symphony that has only two movements instead of four. The "Unfinished" symphony
Which of Schubert's 9 symphonies is nicknamed the Unfinished? 8th
The stigma, the style and the ovary are among the parts of what female reproductive organ of a plant? pistil
What type of evergreen includes the species white, Colorado blue, and Black Hills? spruce
What type of evergreen includes the species Drooping, Alligator, and One-seed? juniper
Youngblood Hawke and Marjorie Morningstar are among the lesser-known novels of what American author of The Winds of War and The Caine Mutiny? Herman Wouk
Name the American Nobel laureate in Literature who wrote The Pearl and Cannery Row. John Steinbeck
Name the American Nobel laureate in Literature who wrote Arrowsmith, Babbitt, and Dodsworth. Sinclair Lewis
Many people's retirement money is assured by the federal government agency abbreviated PBGC, which faces a multi-billion dollar deficit. What do the four letters PBGC stand for? Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx used one term to describe the rich and privileged class of people and another to describe the oppressed lower class that would eventually revolt and overthrow them. What did he call these classes? bourgeoisie and proletariat
Which Hogwarts teacher called himself the Half-Blood Prince? Severus Snape
This Belgian detective, created by Agatha Christie, was played by David Suchet on the PBS TV series "Mystery!" Hercule Poirot
This hard-bitten detective, who worked with Sergeant Lewis, was played by the late John Thaw on the PBS TV series "Mystery!" Inspector Morse
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