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Tigers, 1b

(on the) outskirts the areas of a town or city that are furthest away from the centre
refuse to say you will not do something that someone has asked you to do
an old friend of mine
clairvoyant used for describing someone who says that they know what will happen in the future, or that they can communicate with the spirits of dead people
coffee grounds extremely small pieces of crushed coffee beans, especially after they have been used for making a drink of coffee
accurate correct or true in every detail
spot on exactly right
laid-back calm and relaxed
relieved happy and relaxed because something bad has not happened or because a bad situation has ended
urgently immediately
shiver a shaking movement that your body makes when you are cold, frightened, or excited
coincidence situation in which separate things happen by chance at the same time or in the same way
terraced house a house joined together on both sides
remember vividly remember very clearly
breeze a light wind
drag to pull sth/sb along with difficulty
stare to look at sb /sth very directly for a long time
estate agent sb whose job is to buy and sell or rent property
familiar well-known to you, or easily recognized by you
dome a roof shaped like the top half of a ball
binoculars an instrument you use to see distant objects clearly
glide to move in a smooth and easy way with no noise
Created by: The Real Bazinga