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all the stems

all the 8th grade stems

Mal bad
Post after
Port carry
Dict say
Omni all
Lith rock
Bene goo
Cred believe
Neo new
Uni one
Non not
Archy government
Inter between
Vid look
Mono one
Pond weight
In in or not
Sci know
Phyte plant
Lat side
Hypo under
Dox opinion
Put think
Mega large
Alter other
Contra against
Con together
Circum around
Sol alone
Fy make
Hetero different
Pater father
Ver true
Sangui blood
Ego I
Ven come
Flu flow
Loqu talk
Moll soft
Ous full of
Greg group
De down or god
Voc voice
Luc light
Acr sharp
Ambul walk
Pugn fight
Sequ follow
Centri center
Sanct holy
Tion act or state
Clam cry out
Trans across
Fort strong
Per through
Fid faith
Sacro holy
Caco bad
Tang touch
Phon sound]bas
Nihil nothing
Muta change
Terr land
Cogn know
Re again or back
Super over
Gram writing
Para beside
Ultra beyond
Path feeling
Ism doctrine or system
Sed sit
Tort twist
Anim mind
Epi on
Ob against or toward
obit deatj
Simul feign
Fer carry
Anthropo man
Gastro stomach
Auto self
Viv life
Helio sun
Culp blame
Spec look
A without
Plus more
Epist knowledge
Medi middle
Ambi both
Ex out
Intro into
Trop tiurn
Lykos wolf
Peri near
Kin motion
Corp body
Lent full of
Pre before
Gen origin
Jur swear
Spoor sleep
Ped foot
Lin line
Tomy cut
Hyper over
Gran grain
Dol grief
Son sound
Demo people
Cracy government
Phan appearance
Dich in 2 parts
Sui self
Pluto wealth
Germ related
Nuero nerve
Quis ask, search
Thantos death
Opia sight
Vac empty
Ize make
Fug flee
Pusill small
Nepo nephew
Sthen strength
Less without
Scen stage
Spir breathe
Syn together
Man hand
Vita life
Sub under
Ine nature of
Bon good
Chron time
Fil thread
Pot drink
Log reason
Phor carry
Loco place
Phobia fear
Schizo divide
Theo god
Eu good
Fus pour
Amor love
Sym together
Nym name
Ideo idea
Apo up or away
Cosmo universe
Meta change or beyond
Curs run
Funi cord
Vect carry
Fulg shine or flash
Dign worthy
fract break
Gno know
Miss send
Co together
Liqu flow
Proto first
Ana up
Agon actor
Sur over
Pos put
Pro forward
Sta stand or stop
Phys nature
Hedon pleasure
Vale farewell
Sarco flesh
Magn great
Phag eat
Lect gather
Mort death
Mir wonder
Mel honey
Xeno stranger
Morph shape
Psych soul
Ann year
Bio life
An not or without
Equi equal
Tract pull
Hagio saint
Bell war
Graph write
Par equal
Fic make
Ab away
Dis away
Tig touching
Punct point
Algia pain
Nom name
Rogat ask
Acro high
Ject throw
Trib pay
Anti against
Somn sleep
Nomy law
Tempor time
Crypt hidden
Luct struggle
Dia across
Infra beneath
Cise cut
Logy science
Gyn woman
Sine without
Mis hatred
String bind
Tauto same
Fac to do
Monger seller
Lepsy attack
Sino China
Entomo insect
Tude state of
Phil love
Agora marketplace
Geo earth
Hysteros latter
Narco sleep
Drome run
Mania madness
Pro before
Ante before
Mar sea
Duct lead
Topo place
Protero early
Nox night
Pro for
Penta five
Pan smooth
Mur wall
Cide kill
Cap take
Aqua water
Cud strike
Necro death
Iso same
Intra within
Reg rule
Catena chain
Meter measure
Extra beyond
Plasto molded
Clude close
Rhino nose
Quadr four
Cant sing
Gamy marriage
Tens stretch
Endo within
Cad fall
Ad to
Scrib write
Ostra shell
Casus case
Cumb lie down
Flect bend
Tend stretch
Eco outer
Dent tooth
Se apart
Hend grasp
Cresc grow
Mela back
Patho disease
Geron old man
Monit warn
Plic fold
cliv slope
eco house
firm strong
carn flesh
vert turn
antho flower
meta beyond
platy flat
pleo more
sens feel
im in or not
oss bone
sap taste or know
ment mind
ten hold
nasc born
idio peculiar
nod knot
dur hard
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