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Onur Formulas C16

Onur Formulas Chapter 16 Phlegm

S&S of Damp Phlegm Cough, copious clear/white sputum, focal distention, N&V, weak heavy limbs, HA, palpitation, thick greasy coat
Er Chen Tang Ultimate basic cold phlegm formula
Ban xia, Chen pi, Fu ling, ZGC formula Er chen tang herbs
S&S Hot Phlegm Cough thick yellow, red-flushed face, yellow-greasy coat, slippery, wiry P
Wen dan tang (warm the GB) Main formula hot phlegm
Er chen tang + Zhu ru, Zhi shi, Sheng Jiang Wen dan tang herbs
Huang lian wend dan tang Phlegm heat with more restless, irritable, bitter taste
Main formulas for Chest Bi Qing qi hua tan wan and Xiao xian xiong tang Gua lou xie bai ban xia tang
Qing qi hua tan wan (clear the qi and Tsf. phlegm) Phlegm heat obstruct LU (cough yellow sputum, greasy-yellow, slippery, rapid NO EXT. SIGNS
Xiao xian xiong tang (minor sinking into chest) Chest be d/t phlegm heat
Gua lou xie bai ban xia tang indication Chest bi d/t phlegm cold
S&S of dry phlegm Cough W deep phlegm can't expectgorate, wheeze, dry sor throat, Red dry T, rapid, forceful P
Bei mu gua lou san Phlegm heat obstruct LU with yin & fluid xu
2 formulas for Goiter Hai zao yu hu tang, Xiao Luo wan
Xiao Luo Wan (reduce scrofula) Firm rubbery nodules on neck d/t phlegm with heat clumped in channels
Xuan shen, Mu li, Zhe bei mu formula Xiao Luo wan (reduce scrofula)
Hai zao yu hu tang indication Rock-like goiter d/t phlegm, damp and bld. stag. NO heat or pain
Cold phlegm S&S cough clear/white/thin, cold body, white wet T slippery P
Ling gui zhu gan tang indication Cold fluids in EG d/t SP yang not T&T
Ling gan wu wei jiang xin tang Severe cold fluids in LU d/t SP yang not T&T
San zi yang qin tang (3 seed N parents) Cold phlegm in LU with Food Stag (S&S worse after eat)
3 cold phlegm formulas Ling gui zhu gan tang, Ling gan wu wei jiang xin tang, San zi yang qin tang
If there are heat signs with goiter add: Xia ku cao
2 types of Wind Phlegm EXT: Wind obstruct LU T&T of fluids & qiINT: Int phlegm stirs LR wind to head/orifice
2 wind phlegm formulas Zhi sou san, Ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang
1 internal wind phlegm formula Ding Xian Tang (seizure)
Zhi sou san (stop cough) Wind attack LU with internal phlegm (cough & sputum, maybe C&F)
Zi wan, Bai bu, Bai qian, jie geng, jing jie, chen pi, GC formula Zhi sou san
Ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang Wind attack LU + phlegm. Head wrapped, dizzy, vertigo, HA, stifled chest, sputum
Ding xian Tang (arrest seizure) Recurrent convulsive seizures/epilepsy Int wind + phlegm
Ban xia bai zhu tian ma tang herbs Er chen tang + Bai zhu, Tian ma, Sheng jiang, Da zao
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