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Onur Formulas C14

Onur Formulas Chapter 14 Expel Wind

Xiao Feng San (Eliminate wind powder) Weepy, itchy, red skin lesions over large part of body
Xiao Xu Ming Wan (minor prolong life) Hemiplegia d/t channel-type wind-stroke
Xiao huo luo dan (Minor invigorate collaterals) Wind stroke; WCD bi; sequela with cold invasion with pain, spasm, weakness
Qian zheng san (lead to symmetry) Sudden facial paralysis d/t channel stroke Superficial (bell's palsy)
Zhi jing wan (stop spasms) Muscle twitches, rigidity, spasm entire body. Convulsion/seizure
S&S internal wind HA, dizzy, blurred vision, tinnitus; LR wind d/t yin xu or excess fire
Zhen gan xi feng tang (sedate LR and Ext. wind) LR & KD yin xu with ascending LR yang. STROKE
Ling jiao gou teng tang (antelope horn and uncaria) Persistent high fever, irritable, restless, dizzy. ACUTE EPILEPTIC COLLAPSE
Tian ma gou teng yin HA, dizzy, heat rushing to head, HTN d/t LR yang rise stir internal wind
E jiao ji zi huang tang (ass hide and eggyolk) Rigid extremities, muscle spasm; long-standing XS heat damage LR/KD yin & Bld gives rise to internal wind
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