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Onur Formulas C13

Onur Formulas Chapter 13 Calm Spirit

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (Heavenly emperors special pill to tonify the heart) Irritability, palpitations, insomnia, can't concentrate D/T HT/KD Yin xu/disharmony
What are major S&S for N HT and Calm spirit formulas HT yin or Blood xu (palpitation, irritable, insomnia, red T, scant coat, thin/wiry/rapid P
Suan zao ren tang (sour jujube) herbs Suan zao ren, Fu ling, Zhi mu, Chuan xiong, Gan cao
Suan zao ren tang (sour jujube) indication Irritable, insomnia, palpitation, LR Bld Xu heat disturb HT, consumptive disease
Ding zhi wan (settle the emotions) indication Apprehensive, easily frightened, incessant laughter, HT qi xu D/T emotional shock
What does combo of Shi chang pu + Yuan zhi do Open orifice for phlegm misting
Huang lian E jiao Tang Irritable with heat sensation in chest, insomnia, HT heat d/t yin xu following WFD
Jiao Tai wan (great communication pill) indication HT/KD disconnect d/t Xu KD yang not root fire.Cold below, heat above.
Gan mai da zao tang indication Disoriented, crying spells, out of control d/t SP qi, HT yin and LR blood xu & LR qi stag
Gan cao, Fu xiao mai, Da zao formula Gan mai da zao tang herbs
Huang lian + Rou gui formula Jiao Tai wan
Chai hu jia long fu mu li tang Fullness in chest, irritable, anxiety, palpitation; LR qi stag, blazing fire, yang rise
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