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Onur Formulas C12

Onur Formulas Chapter 12 Stabilize and Bind

What substances do we stabilize and bind? Sweat, stool, semen, vaginal, blood, urine
Formulas to astringe sweat (fluid of HT) Yu Ping Feng San, Mu Li San, Dang Gui Liu Huan Tang
Formulas to Bind intestines (Coo Coo Poo) Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang, Si Shen Wan
Formulas to astringe KD essence for URINE Sang Piao Xiao San, Xuo Quan Wan
Formulas to stabilize Uterus Gu Chong Tang, Gu Jing Wan, Wen Dai Taing, Yi Huang Tang
Formulas to astring KD essence for SEMEN Jin Suo Gu Jing San, Gui Zhi Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang
"Restless Fetus" formulas Shou Tai Wan, Tai shan pan shi wan, An fu nuan gong wan, Gui zhi fu ling wan
Shou Tai Wan Restless fetus D/T KD Qi Xu, Ren/Chong disharmony
Tai shan pan shi wan Restless fetus D/T SP/KD Qi Xu
An fu nuan gong wan Restless fetus D/T LR Bld Xu and cold
Gui zhi fu ling wan Restless fetus D/T Blood stag in uterus
Yu ping feng san (Jade windscreen) Sweating D/T wei qi xu
Huang qi, Bai zhu, Fang feng, Sheng jiang formula Yu ping feng san (Jade windscreen) herbs
Purpose of Fang feng and Sheng jiang in Yu Ping feng san Guide to exterior (not release ext.)
Mu Li san (oyster shell) Excess sweat D/T Qi & Yin Xu
Mu li, Hang qi, Ma huang gen & Fu xiao mai formula Mu li san, holds ying & binds ext.
Dang gui, Shu di, Sheng di, 4 Huangs Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang (6 yellows)
Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang (true man's decoction) Abandoned disorder from loss of fluids D/T SP/KD yang xu (unremitting chronic diarrhea)
Si Shen Wan (4 miracle) Daybreak diarrhea D/T KD Yang xu
Bu gu zhi, Wu zhu yu, Rou dou kou, Wu wei zi Si shen wan herbs
Jin Suo gu jing san (metal lock to stabilize essence) Spermatorrhea D/T KD Qi xu
Sha yuan ji li, Qian shi, Lian zi, Lian xu, Long gu, Mu li formula Jin suo gu jing san
Sang piao xiao san (mantis egg-case) Frequent urine D/T XS fire in lower burner; KD/HT OR KD/SP Xu (good for kids)
Suo quan wan (shut the sluice) Frequent, clear urine/enuresis D/T KD Qi xu or Yang Xu
Wu yao, Yi zhi ren, Shan yao formula Suo quan wan
Gui zhi jia long gu mu li tang Spermatorrhea/nocturnal emission (MEN), frequent sex dreams (WOMEN)
Gui zhi tang + Long gu, Mu li Gui zhi jian long gu mu li tang herbs
Gu chong tang (stabilize gushing) Excess menses/uterine bleed with thin and pale blood (KD/SP/LR Xu, unstable chong & ren)
Gu Jing Wan (stabilize menses) Excess menses/uterine bleed with bright red blood and dark-purple clots) LR yin xu, qi stag
Wan Dai Tang (end discharge) White/yellow thin profuse vaginal discharge (fungal/yeast)
Yi Huang Tang (change yellow) Long term yellow, viscous, foul-smelling vaginal discharge (SP/LI xu, damp heat)
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