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Onur Formulas C11

Onur Formulas Chapter 11 Stop Bleed

Shi Hui San (10 partially charred) Blood heat D/T blazing fire in MJ/UJ (LR fire blazing attack LU/ST) Vomit, cough, nose bleed
Ke Xue Fang (Cough blood formula) Cough blood D/T LR fire blazing/scorching the LU
Di Yu Wan (Sanguisorba Powder) Blood stools D/T ntestinal damp heat
Huai Hua San (sophora japonica Powder) Blood stools D/T intestinal toxic heat or damp heat
Xiao Ji Yin Zi (based on Ba Zheng tang) Blood in urine, bloody Lin
Qing Re Zhi Beng Tang (Clear heat, stop excessive bleeding) Uterine bleeding, heat enter blood level of LR channel
Huai hua, Ce bai ye, Jing jie sui, Zhi ke formulat Huai hua san herbs
Ce bai ye, Pao jiang, Ai ye formula Bai Ye Tang herbs
Huang Tu Tang (yellow earth) AND Bai Ye Tang Xu cold in MJ, SP not control blood (any bleeding D/T Xu)
Zao xin tu, Sheng di, E jiao, Fu zi, Bai zhu, Gan cao, Huang qin Huang Tu Tang herbs
Jiao Ai Tang (asshide gelatin and mugwort) Ren anc Chong Xu/instability (any abnormal uterine bleed D/T Xu)
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