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JC Consumer

JC The Informed Consumer, Consumer Rights and Protection

Consumer Is anyone who buys goods or services for their own use.
Brand Is the identity of a particular product.
False economy Is a situation where we buy something that costs less then other brands or seems to be better value but turns out to be more expensive in the long run.
Caveat emptor Mean 'let the buyer beware'.
Guarantee Is a promise from a manufacturer to offer a refund or a replacement to consumers who have purchased faulty goods.
Credit note Is a document (voucher) given by the retailer to the consumer for the value of the goods returned. It allows the consumer to purchase other goods form that shop equal in value to the goods returned.
Bar code Is a small rectangle containing black and white lines and figures found on the packaging of most products. The bar code contains information such as product name price,weight,origin,etc.
Receipt Is written proof to the consumer that they have purchased and paid for a good or service
Below cost selling Is when certain shops sell popular products very cheaply, i.e. below their cost price, in order to attract people into their shop
ASAI Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland - monitors advertising & will investigate complaints from members of the public. If Ad in breach of relevant code it must be withdrawn or amended - Hunky Dory Rugby Ad
Consumer Association of Ireland Set up to protect & educate consumers. Independent non-profit organisation. It represents consumer members who subscribe to Consumer Choice Magazine
Impulse buying Buying something on the spur of the moment without thinking of the consequences
Merchantable quality Basic level of quality that would be expected considering the price and the way the goods are described
NCA National Consumer Agency - is statutory body that defends consumer interests in the Republic of Ireland. Established as part of the Consumer Protection Act 2007 - information & education function and enforcement role
Ombudsman Is a representative of the people. They investigate complaints by members of the public who have a problem with certain organisations. Must have attempted to resolve dispute before going to Ombudsman. Insurance, Banking, Public Services
Redress relief from wrong or injury - Repair, Replace, Refund
Smalls Claims Court Provides an inexpensive & easy way for consumers to resolve disputes without the need to employ a solicitor. Service provided through the District Court Office, claims cannot exceed €2,000, heard by Judge who listens to both sides and makes a decision.
Trade Association organizations representing the interests of firms and professionals in the same general field e.g. The Irish motor industry - SIMI
Warranty Is an additional promise by a manufacturer or seller to repair damaged goods within a stated period of time.
What does it mean to be an informed consumer? Aware of legal rights under consumer law. Aware of organisations that protect you. Able to make valid complaints. Do not buy impulsively. Make enquiries/shop around/compare prices. Prepare a budget. Keep receipts. Keep guarantee. Check for value/quality.
Unit Price (how to calculate it) Unit pricing, i.e. per kg/litre, allows the consumer to find the best value. Consumers can calculate the unit price by dividing price by quantity: Unit Price = Price/Quantity.
Why do consumer need protection? To ensure that the standards of goods and services available to the public are reasonable and acceptable.
Consumer protection through Laws? The government protects the consumer by passing laws (Sale of Goods and Supply of Services act 1980/ Consumer Protection Act 2007/EU legislation on labelling and price)
Consumer protection through Agencies? Consumer Association of Ireland/Office of Ombudsman/Financial Services Ombudsman/ Trade Associations/ Advertising Standards Authority/Small Claims Court/ National Standards Authority/ Financial Regulator.
Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 Sets out the conditions with which goods and services mus t comply: Goods should be; merchantable quality, fit for purpose, as described, same as sample. Suppliers of services should; have necessary skill, provide proper care, use quality parts.
Under the Sales of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 who is responsible for putting things right? The seller. The compensation may be refund, repair or replacement.
The Consumer Protection Act 2007 Established the Consumer Protection Agency. Protects consumers from misleading claims about goods, services and prices. Prohibits traders from engaging in misleading practices and aggressive practices.
EU Legislation on Labellling and Price The labels should show: Food name. List of ingredients by weight. Quantity. Best before date. Storage conditions/conditions of use. Name/Address of manufacturer/ Particulars of place of origin. Instruction for use. Pricing: must display selling price.
Consumer Association of Ireland (Agency) Set up to protect the interest of consumers in Ireland. Provides information and advice about goods, services and consumer law,and publishes and information magazine. It also helps consumers solve complaints.
Office of the Ombudsman The Ombudsman: main duty is to investigate complaints against public bodies (Government Depart, Local Authorities, Health Boards, An Post). Financial Services Ombudsman: deals with complaints regarding service from financial services providers (Banks etc)
Advertising Standards Authority (ASAI) Promotes better standards of advertising. Ensures ads are decent and fair. Investigates complaints.
National Standards Authority of Ireland Monitors the safety standards of products sold in Ireland.
Financial Regulator Financial documents should be clear. The Financial Regulator promotes consumers' interest by regulating financial services firms in Ireland.
Making a Complaint 1. Contact Seller (show proof of purchase, state the problem and what redress you are seeking- cash, refund/repair/replacement). 2. Put complaint in writing. 3. Contact third party (Trade Assoc) 4. Contact Ombudsman 5. Small Claims Court.
Created by: MrFromholz



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