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IB Topic 1 - 2

hardware the machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system
software the programs and other operating information used by a computer
peripheral computer device that is not part of the essential computer
network a group of two or more computer systems linked together
resources any device that can be used or data or routines that are available to programs
client an application that runs on a personal computer or workstation and relies on a server to perform some operations.
server computer or device on a network that manages network resources.
email server a computer within your network that works as your virtual post office.
router A device that forwards data packets along networks, is connected to at least two networks and located at gateways.
firewall hardware, software or a combination designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a network.
stakeholder a person with an interest or concern
system flowchart is a concrete, physical model that documents, in an easily visualized, graphical form, discrete physical components (programs, procedures, files, reports, screens, etc.).
data flow diagram is a graphical representation of the information interchange and transformation through a system.
structure chart is a graphical representation which shows the breakdown of a system to its lowest manageable levels.
design cycle problem solving method which includes a feedback loop to make changes in the product as it is being created.
iteration a single pass through a group of instructions
end user the individual who uses a product after it has been fully developed and marketed.
usability describes how well users can utilize a program or system.
digital devices a piece of electronic equipment which uses discrete, numerable data and processes for all its operations.
accessibility the privilege to use computer information in some way.
user interface a set of commands or menus through which an human communicates with a program.
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