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Arabic Vocab 2

Restaurant, Bedroom, Living Room Vocab

malH salt
filfil pepper
Taba'a plate
kobaya cup
korsi chair
zeet oil
seeniya tray
fangan mug
tarabeza table
shoka fork
maala'a spoon
skeena knife
sokar sugar
Xal vinegar
garsown waiter
baTaTis potatoes
aayesh bread
beeD eggs
shay tea
'ahowa coffee
maktaba bookshelf
kitab book
koura bal
shamsiya umbrella
'ooti arm chair
mishaT comb
magala magazine
Horabal newspaper
sabat zabela trash can
maxda cushion
kanaba sofa
shanTa purse
kashkoul notebook
bourneeta hat
shorab socks
farsha brush
sagada carpet
arbal antenna
kobaya drinking glass
ibajjora lamp
nadara glasses
ma'as scissors
sigayar cigarrettes
siryar bed
batanya blanket
tasoreeHa vanity
doolab closet/cupboard
sitara curtains
oukara doorknob
darg drawer
martaba mattress
miraya mirror
barwoz frame
makda pillow
zaraa plant
milaya bed sheet
shibshib slippers
Created by: jpowley