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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Anatomy Prefixes Prefixes a-b Anatomy 2005-03-01 jpowley 48 0 edit
Anatomy Prefixes 2 b Unfinished 2005-03-20 jpowley 52 0 edit
Stack #16471 Stack #16471 Unfinished 2005-03-20 jpowley 54 0 edit
Arabic Vocab 1 I-they, Who?, verbs and days of week Languages 2005-09-20 jpowley 33 1 edit
Arabic Vocab 2 Restaurant, Bedroom, Living Room Vocab Languages 2005-09-20 jpowley 57 1 edit
Disorders Exam 1 muscle weakness, voluntary and involuntary movement Unfinished 2006-02-01 jpowley 42 0 edit
Disorders Exam 1B Terms for signs and symptoms Unfinished 2006-02-01 jpowley 29 0 edit
Disorders Terms1 Stack #34621 Unfinished 2007-09-04 jpowley 30 0 edit
UE Muscles Origins, Insertions, Actions and Innervations of UE Muscles Physical Therapy 2021-03-30 jpowley 41 26 edit
UE Questions a random assortment of UE questions.... Physical Therapy 2007-09-04 jpowley 26 1 edit
UE Study Questions Assortment of study questions on the upper extremity (NOT muscle info) Physical Therapy 2007-09-25 jpowley 39 1 edit
Interventions Vocab. Some of the Vocab and all of the abbreviations for interventions class Physical Therapy 2007-10-02 jpowley 81 0 edit
Deep Back Muscles Origins, Insertions, Actions and Innervations Physical Therapy 2016-08-03 jpowley 11 10 edit
LE Muscles Origins, Insertions, Actions, Innervations of LE muscles Unfinished 2007-11-10 jpowley 52 0 edit
Hip Joint Hip Joint Unfinished 2007-11-10 jpowley 16 0 edit
Sacroiliac Joint Sacroiliac Joint Unfinished 2007-11-10 jpowley 7 0 edit
The Knee Joint The Knee Joint Unfinished 2007-11-10 jpowley 26 0 edit
The Ankle/Foot Joint The Ankle/Foot Joint Unfinished 2007-11-10 jpowley 27 0 edit
Goniometry Goniometry Unfinished 2007-11-19 jpowley 68 0 edit
Stack #142132 Stack #142132 Unfinished 2008-08-03 jpowley 20 0 edit
EBP Review Review of EBP terms, stats tests Standardized Tests 2013-02-22 jpowley 25 0 edit

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