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Adolf Hitler WWII era germany
Joseph Stalin Soviet Union
Benito Mussolini WWII-era Italy
Mao Zedong China
Fidel Castro Cuba
Marshall Joseph Tito Yugoslavia
Slobodan Milosevic Yugoslavia, caught in 2008 after disguising himself as a faith healer
Fransisco Franco WWII-era Spain
Idi Amin Uganda, 1971-1979
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Saddam Hussein Iraq
Muammar Qaddafi Libya
Juan Peron Argentina
Ayatollah Khomeini Iran
Ferdinand Marcos Phillipines
Pol Pot Cambodia
General Suharto Java
Vladimir Lenin Soviet Union
Papa Doc Duvalier Haiti
Manuel Noriega PanamaDrug Lord
Alberto Fujimori Peru
Created by: baileymack