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This one, Sheed

Boolean A...is a true or false value
Float Numbers with or without decimals
Integer A whole number (not a fraction)
String A sequence of characters
Variable A symbol or container that holds a value
Increment To add or increase
Decrement To subtract from or decrease
Constant A variable in a program that has a value that does not change.
Coordinate A ... system uses numbers as coordinates to place objects in a geometric space.
Canvas The screen on which graphics programs are drawn.
Variable name rules (app.) Must begin with letter or underscore
Explain global variables vs local variables (app.) Local variables at defined in functions. Global variables are defined outside the function or with an assignment.
Is JavaScript case sensitive? YAAAAS
Logical operator AND &&
Logical operator OR ||
Logical Operator NOT !
Comparison operators X===y
For statement (syntax) For (var = statement ; var <= endval; var = var + increment); for (i =0 ; i <5; i++)
Random (app.) Returns a ... number between 0 and 1
isNan (app) Returns true if the given number is not a number, else returns false
Classes ...a template to create many objects with similar qualities.
Concatenation "String1" + "String2"
to Uppercase, to Lowercase (applications) Changes the cases of all the alphabetical letters in the strings
Switch (app) A switch checks a value against a list of cases and executes the first case that is true. It goes on executing all other cases it finds after the first true case until it finds a breaking statement
Variable assignment (ex) var x = 1 var hisName = "Bob"; var hisName = myName;
Accessing array elements (app): You can get elements out of arrays if you know their index. Remember that indexes start at 0 and increment by 1
Multi-dimensional Array Contains two or more arrays within an array
Dot notation (ex) ObjectName.PropertyName
Bracket notation ex. ObjectName["Property Name"]
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