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Business (test)

1st step of computer processing 1. Input- when the user enters data into computer
2nd step of computer processing 2. Storage- any device in which information is stored
3rd step of computer processing 3. Processing- the manipulation of data by either the mircroprocessor or embedded processor according to instructions given to it by a program or embedded in the chip itself.
4th step of computer processing 4. Output- the information the computer has generated and is displayed in some type of visible form.
What is system software Brings the computers hardware parts together by giving them instructions on what they need to do and provides tools for day to day use such as displaying a list of files contained on a disk
How far can a LAN broadcast Up to 100 metres
When would you use a spreadsheet You would use a spreadsheet for making mathematical calculations. It can solve formulas, add multiply etc.
When would you use a database A database is a collection of data that is organized so that it can be easily accessed managed and updated.
What type of software would a high school student use most? (3) ?????????? Word, excel, presentation ?????????
How has technology affected people's lives (5) Technology has affected people's lives both positively and negatively. It has affected people's lives in ways of Privacy, Education, Medicine, Family Life and Leisure Time.
Question about the business Wan because everyone would have access to files. Cons are that it is really slow. Because your server has to connect with theirs .
Created by: Chickymae