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CompTI Fundamentals

Chapter 8: Security Threats

Which of the following are activities that a hacker might attempt? All of the above
You receive a warning from your antivirus software provider stating that a new virus is directly attacking the antivirus software. What type of virus is this? Retrovirus
Which of the following are considered physical security risks? Software theft
What is the name of an application that appears to look like a helpful application but instead does harm to your computer? Trojan horse
Someone was recently caught sifting through your company's trash looking for confidential information. What is this an example of? Dumpster diving
IT security recently found a program on your co-worker's computer that apparently tracked all of the words they typed into the computer. What kind of malware is this? Keylogger
What type of malware is best known for carrying other malware as a payload? Worm
You receive an email from your bank, telling you that your account has been compromised and you need to validate your account details or else your account will be closed. You are supposed to click a link to validate your information. What is this an examp Phishing
Rose just installed a new search engine on her laptop. Now whenever she searches the Internet, she gets several pop-up windows directing her to websites to buy products. What does Rose have? Adware
What is it called when a co-worker sitting next to you always seems to look your way when you try to enter your ID and password to log into the network? Shoulder surfing
The system administrator in your office quits unexpectedly in the middle of the day. It's quickly apparent that he changed the server password and no one knows what it is. What might you do in this type of situation? Use a password cracker to find the password
Which of the following operating systems are susceptible to viruses? Windows, Mac OS X, and Android
What type of software is used to circumvent normal security processes on a computer? Backdoor
A virus that covers itself in protective code, making it harder to find and eradicate, is called what? Armored virus
You were browsing the Web on a questionable website, and now you get a pop-up window stating that if you do not pay $100 within an hour, all files on your computer will be destroyed. What is this an example of? Ransomware
You believe that your computer has contracted a virus that has affected your Excel files only. What type of virus is most likely to do this? Macro
What does the term spam refer to in computing? Unsolicited emails
If a virus attacks the boot sector of your hard drive as well as files in the file system, what type of virus is it? Multipartite
David just heard of a program that if installed on your computer give the attacker administrator-like access to your machine. What type of software is he talking about? Rootkit
Created by: itsme.shy