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file 27

advanced French

turbot, m flat and oval sea fish, large 10-15 kg, (etym. Swedish törnbut, törn thorn + but flatfish, L. turbo: toupie turning top توپ ball) سپرماهی
le perdreau, m = perdix partridge, quail-like, πέρδικα, πέρδιξ کبک
scalp(e), m scalp, head skin with the hair / (vb) to cut off the scalp /
escalope, f, (vb ~r), (:escalope) cutlet (:la côtelette), chop, chipping, slice of meat, scallop, (etym. old fr eschalope: coquille: shell)
chaloupe, f canoe (:le canot), (ety fr coquille de noix پوسته گردو)
coquille, f shell, peel (:la coque), (~ de noix پوست گردو) / eatable animal, scallop, related to some ports: ~ St-Jacques en Galice, ~ St-Michel en Normandie
-ille diminuative noun form, as: coquille, feuille
coquillage, m all sea shells: mussel (:moule) oyster (:huître), calm (:clovisse), crayfish (:écrevisse), snail (:escargot or limaçon), etc. of spiral or 2-piece shells / animal or its shell (~s fossiles)
coque, f bark, shell (of bird egg or fish), peel, hull (:cosse), (ety Spanish coca) (nb le coq: cock, ruster)
croquette, f fishball, meatball, fried breaded roll or ball of mashed potato (cake), minced meat, rice, vegetables, etc
pâte de pommes de terre mashed potatoes
maladroit, m clumsy, awkward, unskilful, annoying, maladroit; gauche, left handed
chapelure, f bread crumbs, small bits of bread, (etym. fr chapeler+ure: tailler/couper into tiny pieces)
chapeler (fr tailler, abattre, couper par morceaux en râper la croûte, ~ du pain) خرد کردن به روش تراش نه قطع
tailler to cut (into form), (trim, chip, prune, slice)
chapelle, f chapel, cut branch of a church, hospital, prison to prey, (etym. L. cappella, little cape, cap head or head cover)
tremper to dip, plunge into water, powder, etc / to soak, wet
après l'avoir trempée dans de farine (une boulette) example of past participle agreement rule COD after le, la, que, l', qu'
faire frire to fry, make, cause fry
le sort, m fate, destiny / fortune, luck, chance / charm, spell
la sorte, f kind, sort, type, manner, sort
exaucer un voeu grant, bestow; fulfill, gratify, (syn réaliser un souhait) برآورده کردن یک آرزو
police, f + font, (of text)
sois raisonnable! be wise! be sensible!
tomber d'accord (sur) to agree with / fall in with
(exp) se faire à qc (exp) to get used sth
(exp) il faut s'y faire one must get used to it
je me fais à mon chien I got used to my dog
méduse, f jellyfish
pronostic, m forecast, prognosis
appendice, m [اَن] appendage; appendix; proboscis; tailpiece
le carousel [z], m, (:~) roundabout, merry-go-round, playful tournament of knights in chariots or on horseback / (airport) luggage ~, (etym. carro: chariot) (syn le manège)
entrée, f, (~s gratuites) entry, entrance / first course
la porte d'entrée front door
semer to sow, seed, disseminate / scatter, spread (ideas), expand / (etym. L. seminare, semin: seed, dis- wide, apart, out) تخم کاشتن، منتشرکردن
écrevisse, f crawfish (krafĭsh), crayfish (krāfĭsh), resembles a crab, small sea lobster (:petit homard), [corrupted fr. krebs, krebiz, crevis, creves, crevice, écrevisse
homard, m lobster, large sea lobster (:grosse écrevisse de mer), with large pincers (nails), 10 legs, 1/2 m خرچنگ دریایی
stockage, m woman's stockings / storage, reserve, stored goods / store, boutique / memory (computer) جوراب زنانه ساقه بلند
écueil, m, (same root: accueil) reef (causing shipwreck), (sea) obstacle, barrier / pitfall
donner sur le sable to run aground, strand
échouer to fail, not succeed / run aground (ship or fish stuck on sand, coral reefs) / to get stranded, to strand
déclencher une bombe to set off, trigger, launch, start, release
lisière, f edge; border, margin, (etym. lisse: smooth)
pile, (adv) exactly, indeed, precisely, (ça arrive ~ au bon moment)
proviseur principal, headmaster, (directeur d'un lycée)
lycée, m, (masc. by exception) grammar school (uk), high school (us)
toile, f canvas / cloth, linen / web (internet), net (catching animals) / big screen, movie screen (us)
parcourir , read through, look up, look into
balbutier stammer, talk with difficulty / mumble, gibber, stutter لکنت داشتن، بالکنت حرف زدن
arrondir, (ar+rond) to turn (round), go round, round (off)
meule, f millstone, grindstone, whetstone سنگ آسیاب
fourrer to push, stick in, shove in, thrust, poke / fill / (syn faire entrer) گیر کردن
Ne savoir où se fourrer not knowing where to hide
être aux abois to reach poverty, be at the end of resources, near dying state, dog's cry of hunger
heures creuses, f off-peak hours
(gk) scatter, (:se disperser) (En) σκορπίζω, διασκορπίζω
rebondissement (m) rebound (ball), recoil / new development (affair, story)
adamant, adj firm, tough, uncompromising, adamant, inflexible
belliciste, m warmonger, advocate of war, hawkish (see below)
(en) hawkish (en) resembling a hawk; advocating aggressive or warlike political policy
le tourment suffering, agony, torment, (eg causer de ~; les ~s des martyrs)
je suis de votre avis I agree with your opinion
Arcadie Arcadia, Région de la Grèce, au centre du Péloponnèse
bastide, f a fortified village or small town in southern Franc on top of a small hill / small country house, (etym. bâtir) / (syn bastille)
haler to tow, haul in, move a boat by pulling on a rope connected to an anchor
contrebas, (adv) below, at a further point, lower down, downwards, below, at a further point
contrebasse, f contrabass, double bass, bass
rendre to cause, make
apparat, m pageantry: rich and showy display, magnificence, pomp, splendour, grandeur, show
gisement, m resource, deposit, tract معدن
receler, (je recèle) receive, harbor, hold, keep
amer bitter
sommet, m (mount) top, summit; height, peak / (cube) apex, vertex
sensibiliser to educate, teach / raise awareness, make someone aware or conscience of, put sense into, make sensible, to sensitize
repère, m landmark, marking (to locate a place)
le poisson plat, m any flatfish (eg sole) سفره ماهی
geler to freeze, frost, chill; ice over / (finance) halt, block, set
somnifère, m sleeping pill, agent or drug causing sleep
dextérité, f, (:dexterity) skill, cleverness, artfulness, readiness / (etym. Gk dexios: right, clever, skillful
faille, f break, rupture, interruption, pause
reprocher à qn qc to 'blame' sb for sth, put the blame on sb for sth, rebuke, reproach, reprove
il s'est rendu compte de son erreur he understood his error
suite à qc following sth, with reference to sth, (syn quant à)
s'ingérer de to interfere with, intervene, to get mixed up with sth without having the right, ingest, (etym. into+carry)
même even
chevelure, f hair, hair as a whole, eg une bell ~
lot, m prize (in a lottery) / batch, parcel, lot, potion, part of a whole
barème, m scale, dial / marking scheme / (syn échelle)
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