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CompTI Fundamentals

Chapter 7: Mobile Devices

Using an Android phone, you want to scroll down. What do you do to accomplish this? Swipe up
Ronnie is configuring a new iPad to receive email from the corporate email server, which supports POP3. What port number does POP3 use? 110
Which motion while using an IPhone allows you to zoom in on a map? Reverse Pinch
When configuring your manager's new iPad, she asks you what protocol is used by the email client to send email. What do you tell her? SMTP
Rachel is using her iPad to view pictures. She turns the iPad 90 degrees and the image turns as well. Which sensor allowed this to happen? Gyroscope
Which port does IMAP use by itself, and which port does it use when combined with SSL security? 143 and 993
Francis is trying to change the settings on his iPhone. He opens the Settings app. In order to see them better, he turns his phone 90 degrees but nothing happens. What is the most likely cause? The Settings app does not support rotation.
What is the term used that refers to connecting two Bluetooth devices together for communications? Pairing
Agi has an iPhone with a biometric scanner enabled. What methods can she use to unlock her phone? Fingerprint or Passcode
What term refers to having data stolen from your device via Bluetooth connection? Bluesnarfing
Your friend recently got a new Android phone and comes over to your house. What app does your friend use to set up a Wi-Fi connection with your wireless router? Settings
Which of the following are the right protocol and port number for sending email from a wireless device? SMTP and 25
You are setting up a new Wi-Fi connection on your Android phone. What step do you take after turning on Wi-Fi? Locate SSID
You want to enable backups of your new iPhone. Which two options do you have? iCloud and iTunes
Sally is configuring an email account on an Android phone. Which two protocols are used to retrieve mail? IMAP and POP3
Which of the following accurately describes what Airplane mode does to an iPhone? Turns of wireless connections
Your co-worker Ryan is setting up email on his director's new iPad. Ryan does not know the name of the SMTP server, but the iPad needs to be set up in the next 10 minutes. What advice should you give him? Enter the same server name as the IMAP server
You need to find a new productivity app for your Android-based tablet. Where should you look? Google Play
You are configuring an email account on an Android tablet and choose the IMAP protocol. What port number does IMAP use? 143
Rebecca wants to get a copy of the newest game she heard about for her iPad. Where should she go to find and download it? iTunes
Created by: itsme.shy