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AW; T2; Ch 19-22,24

Advanced Word; Test 2; Ch19-22,24

If you insert page numbers in a document, Word uses this type of number by default. Arabic Numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)
To create your own header, click the INSERT tab, and then this... Edit header option
By default, a header is positioned this distance from the top of the page. Also, by default, a footer is positioned this distance from the bottom of the page. 0.5 inches
When you create a header, clicking the Different First Page check box causes this pane to display. First Page Header pane
Prefaced pages are formatted how with the page numbers? Lowercase roman numeral
Type this in the Pages text box at the Print backstage area to print page 2 of section 4 and page 5 of section 8. p2s4, p5s8
By Words definition, how many paragraphs should be there when you use Keep with Next? 2
A ___ occurs when the short last line of text in a paragraph appears at the top of a page. widow
A ___ occurs when the first line of text in a paragraph appears at the bottom of the page. orphan
What are Word's default settings for controlling widow/orphans? Keep with Next, Keep Lines Together, & Page Break Before.
When would you create a different first page header/footer? Create a unique header/footer for the first page (Title Pages), & then insert different headers/footers on subsequent pages.
How do you create headers/footers for different sections? Insert a section break in desired location & then edit the header/footer specifications you want for that section.
When would you create headers/footers for different sections? For different chapters.
What are the default tab settings in a header/footer? Contain two tab settings: center tab at 3.25 inches & right tab at 6.5 inches on the horizontal ruler.
Do the default tab settings change if you change your margins? No, they stay the same.
Use __ __ __ when you want to keep one line of text together with the next line, useful for keeping a heading together with the first line below it. Keep with next
Use __ __ __ to keep a group of selected lines together. Keep lines together
Use __ __ to insert a page break before selected text to format the text in a different way. Page break.
If a document contains comments, you can print only the comments by selecting this at your Print Dialog box. List of Markup option
Show all markup in a document by clicking this option. All Markup option.
In addition to All Markup, you can display Track Changes where? Reviewing pane
When Track Changes is turned on, moved text displays in this color by default. Green
Specify which source documents to display by clicking the Compare button, pointing to this option, and then clicking the desired option or options at the side menu. Show Source Documents option
Do this to an object if you want the contents in the destination program to reflect any changes made to the object stored in the source program. link
What does a comment look like when it is inserted into the document? A bubble/ballon on the right side in the margin.
Other than a comment, how else does Word indicate changes to a line when using Track Changes? A vertical line that appears in the left margin.
By default, what prints? The entire document with the comments & the track changes.
How does Word distinguish comments made by different people? Word uses different colors, generally displaying the first user's comments in red & the second in blue along with their name.
How does Word distinguish changes made by different people? Word uses a different color (up to eight) for each person. Strike through if it's deleted, or underlined/vertical line if you add text.
What are the different printing options for printing comments/tracked changes? Print Markup & List of Markup.
__ ___ is used to print the document with comments or without the comments. Print Markup
The default Tracked Change settings are... Simple Markup.
__ ___ shows any changes you make to the document display in the document & word inserts a line near the left margin where the change was made. Simple Markup
What are the different views for displaying Tracked Changes? All Markup, No Markup, Original, & the reviewing pane.
__ __ is used to see what the final document will look like with the changes made. No Markup
___ is used to see the original document without the changes. Original
The __ __ is used to see all the changes in the document itself. Reviewing Pane
When you compare documents, how are the changes display? It compares the two documents & displays the differences as tracked changes in a third document.
How do you modify a building block? Right click the building block then click the Edit Properties.
If you want to update the building block later to reflect any changes... save it with the same name.
If you want to use an existing building block as a basis for creating a new one... save it with a new name
If you insert a building block into a document, then modify it, does the building block update automatically? No, it has to be updated by selecting the building block that was inserted & clicking the new one.
How do you update a filed? click Update tab, press F9, or right click & then click update.
___ ____ are tools used for developing, or "building", a document. Building Blocks
___ are placeholders for data that varies. Fields
What types of building blocks are available? AutoText, Cover Page, Header, Footer, & Quick Part
The __ __ button changes corrected text back to the original spelling, stops the automatic correction of specific text, & displays the AutoCorrect dialog box. AutoCorrect Options
___ correct certains text automatically as you type. AutoCorrect
What types of items can you add to AutoCorrect? Words, symbols, & exceptions to the rule; turn on/off autocorrect features, specify AutoCorrect exceptions, replace frequently misspelled/used words, & specify keys to insert words quickly
By default, the styles are saved ... In the current document, in the Styles gallery.
What are 3 ways to create a style? Based on Exiting Formatting, Based on Existing Style, & New Style all together
What do you use to find all occurrences of where a style has been applied? Style Inspector
How do you remove a style? Use the Clear All style
A _____ changes the overall colors, fonts, & effects used in a document. Theme
A __ __ changes how the colors, fonts, & effects are combined & which color, font, & effect is dominant. Style set
If you apply a style to text, then modify the style formatting, does the text change automatically. If it is shown, yes. If not, then you have to show the new style for it to be applied.
A ___ is a set of formatting instructions that you can apply to text. Style
A __ __ is what Word provides which is a number of predesigned styles & group styles that apply similar formatting into sets. Style Set
A ___ symbol indicates that the style applies paragraph formatting. Paragraph
A ___ symbol indicates that the style applies character formatting. Character
How is a character style displayed in the style task pane? a
How is a paragraph style displayed the style task pane? a paragraph symbol
Whats the difference between a character style & a paragraph style? A paragraph style will be applied until it sees a paragraph mark; a character style will only be applied to where the insertion point is.
What is an example of where a paragraph style would be applied? Title, & Heading
To make styles available in every document, what do you do? save it as a Quick Style set
What is an example of where a character style would be applied? Paragraph heading
When you are assigning a keyboard shortcut, what term are you looking for? 'unassigned'
To modify an existing style, do this to the style in the styles group & click modify. Right-click
When I create a style based off of Word's predesigned style, how does it get named? With Word's style name, then what you named it.
What is Word's default style/template? & how do you clear a style? Normal
Created by: ibenoit95