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Hatchet Chapters 1-9

Vocabulary and Comprehension

Lurched to roll or tip suddenly
Audible able to be heard
Turbulence irregular motion with up and down movements
Horizon the line where the earth seems to meet the sky
Mocking to make fun of by mimicking
Wrenching to move with a violent twist
Coarse harsh or rough
Gasp breathe in sharply
Remnants remains; what is left over
Hummocks a rounded mound of earth
Stooped to bend down or over
Asset something valuable that can be used to your advantage
Diminish to become less and less
Pulverized to beat or grind into a powder or dust
Brian Thirteen year old who is lost in the woods
Mother Wants a divorce
Father Does not want a divorce. Appears in dreams and gives hints about starting a fire
Terry Best friend back in New York
Mr. Perpich English Teacher
Man with the blonde hair Man mother is seeing
Fire Friend
Created by: jegusewelle