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PA computer


V= IR P/I sqr(PR)
I= V/R P/V sqr(P/R)
Rt parallel formula 1/(1/R1+1/R1...)
Rt series formula R1+R2...
Current Flows From positive to negative
Open/Closed Loop open loop is when wires are not connected
Positive terminal has protons
Negative terminal has electrons
Measuring Resistance requires An open loop
Multisim Needs what to work A ground symbol
Notations such as Va and Vb measured in respect with ground
Voltage is measured with what device with voltmeter
Current is measured with what device with ammeter
Voltage and Current is measured with what device with multimeter
To measure current the current must pass through the meter
Before hooking up meters turn off circuit
DIP switches have multiple switches inside
rotary switches have multiple output paths
Fuse have what ratings current, voltage, response time
R measured in ohm
Current measured in amps
P is measured in watts
tera T 10 pow(12)
giga G 10 pow(9)
mega M 10 pow(6)
kilo k 10 pow(3)
milli 10 pow(-3) m
micro 10 pow(-6) u
nano 10 pow(-9) n
pico 10 pow(-12) p
Effect of adding resistors Less current/amps
Voltage defined potential difference of two points
Current defined movement of charge
Resistance defined opposition to current
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL) All voltage points must add to total voltage
Parallel circuit is when the positive leads are touching and the negative leads are touching
Series circuit is when positive leads touch negative leads
Kirchhoff's Current Law (KCL) The current entering is equal to current leaving
Current Paths in Parallel called branches
current at branch is measured Vs/Rn Voltage at source divided by resistance
Rt formula when all resistors are same (R1+R2...)/Rn add resistors and divide by number of resistors
ALU is capable of performing addition, subtract, increment, decrement, negate, or, and, complement, shift left, shift right
Instruction execution order Fetch, Decode, Execute
Register D is concatenated of A and B
Register Loading is control of the control unit
Registers A and B are 8 bit accumulators
68HC12 CPU uses big-endian order
68HC12 has five 16 bit registers and three 8 bit registers
When executing instructions address does PC register contain Address of next instruction
What microprocessor bus is used to output information Address Bus
Open resistors have value of infinity
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